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Renault Koleos Review & Ratings

Presented as a concept car in 2000 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Koleos is offered by Renault as a compact SUV. It was introduced again in Paris at the Mondial de l’Automobile in the year 2006. Renault designed the Koleos, but it was actually developed by Nissan.

The Koleos was manufactured by the Renault Samsung Motors, which is a subsidiary of the Renault Company. The plant is located in South Korea. The Koleos is sold in Korea as a Renault Samsung QM5.


Renault added the Koleos as a new option in the SUV market. The company has sold the Kangoo and the Scenic RX4, but has not ever produced a true SUV. The concept for the Koleos was first shown as long ago as February in the year 2000.

The body design of the vehicle is based on the Egeus and the Koleos concept cars. Some of the competitors for the vehicle include the Peugeot 4007 and the Citroen C-Crosser, which were both presented at the time the Koleos was launched. The Koleos was given 5 stars by the ADAC of Germany for the crash test that was conducted on the vehicle in the year 2008.

Because of poor sales the Koleos was withdrawn from the UK in the year 2010. At that time there were less than 2600 units sold.

Renault produced the premium SUV Koleos in September of the year 2011. The international debut of the car was in 2008 and the 2011 version was the first facelift that the vehicle had received since being launched. The Koleos was popular and had a YOY growth rate of 51% during the first part of 2011. The vehicle is now being sold on 5 continents and in several diverse markets including parts of Europe, the Asia Pacific, and in South America.


Renault recently offered a whole new theme for their vehicles that started with the Renault Clio, which received its upgrade last year. The Renault Koleos has now received and upgrade and the latest version is being tagged as a Phase 3 Koleos. It offers a bold new face, new alloy wheels, as well as chrome side protective strips.

On the inside there are new trim designs including the option of having brown leather upholstery. In automotive Europe, brown is considered to be the new black, which is one of the reasons that it is currently being offered. There is also an interesting shade of brown being offered for the body.

The new version of the Koleos also offers a new audio interface navigational system that has a 7 inch touch screen and multimedia functions. The price for the dynamique trim level starts at around $34,990. The stereo is a Bose edition and offers seven speakers and a digital amplifier. In the 2014 upgrade the Bose models have integrated satellite navigation that is operated using a touchscreen.


When it comes to small SUVs the new Koleos is competent for using on the road and in some mild off road conditions. This vehicle can be used for everyday errands such as taking the kids to school or a trip to the store. The vehicle is extremely quiet on the road and does not get louder on roads that have chipped surfaces. The inside is well insulated from mechanical noises as well as road noise. For a vehicle of this type handling is quite good as it holds onto the road well and turns promptly.

In the past year the sales of the Koleos has more than doubled. Most of these sales happened before the latest remodel was released.

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