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Renault Captur Review & Ratings

Renault is a French Automaker and the company released the Renault Captur as a mini crossover in the year 2013. The concept for the vehicle was first seen at the Geneva Motor Show in the year 2011 and was not marketed in France until the year 2013.


The concept car called the Renault Captur was first introduced by the Renault Company in the year 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. At the Busan Motor Show in the year 2012 it was unveiled using the Renault Samsung Badge.

The vehicle is considered to be a mid-sized SUV and was the second of 6 different concepts that were shown by Renault as their future design direction. The first concept that was released was the Renault DeZir. The vehicle was created by Julio Lozano who was under the leadership of Laurens Van Den Acker, who was the design chief for Renault.

The Captur uses the same platform as the Juke by Nissan. It is powered using a twin turbocharged 1.6 liter engine that was rolled out among both Renault and Nissan models that were released in the year 2011. The engine offers 158 bhp combined with 280 pounds of torque. It can accelerate up to 62 miles per hour in about 8 seconds. The top speed for the vehicle is 130 miles per hour.

The car is made out of carbon fire and has a roof that is removable. It weighs about 1300 kilograms and offers larger 22 inch tires. While it has the appearance of a cross over SUV, it is actually a front wheel drive and offers a RX2 self-locking differential that is new from Renault. This will transfer the most available torque from the driven wheel that has the most grip.


The Renault Captur has many unique characteristics. The model is based on the 4th generation of the Clio and uses design lines that are from the homonymous concept. The vehicle was a part of the renovated design strategy of the company that was developed through Laurens Van Den Decker. There were many customization options that were available for both the exterior and the interior of the vehicle.

Some of the new elements offered by the Captur included a large draw like glove box that could easily be reached by the driver. Some of the standard features including voice activation for many of the functions as well as parking sensors. In some of the versions there are also seat covers that can be removed using a zipper. There was also a new navigation system that used a touch screen offered in some of the models. Automatic headlights, windshield wipers, and reverse cameras are also offered.

In the EuroNCAP tests of 2013, the Captur was given a 5 star rating. Aside from the standard safety equipment, the Captur offers 2 air bags, 3 point seat belts, speed limiter, cruise control, ABS, ESC, as well as both visual and audio seat belt reminders.


The Captur was only market for less than a year and it ranked 3rd for European crossovers for the year 2013. It had over 84,000 sales and fell just behind the Juke from Nissan and the Duster from Dacia in the same market. The Captur was the bestselling vehicle for the last part of the year 2013.

Renault continues to rank as one of the most innovative car companies of the world. It stands to be the car manufacturer that has consistently introduced new innovations since the beginning. The company consistently produces a range of products that are affordable for most consumers.

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