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Porsche 928 Review & Ratings

It is virtually impossible to top the icon that the Porsche 911 was. However, Porsche 928 aims exactly at the impossible. The 911 was built to race and perform, which is why the company heads asked the designers to design a car that will be able to perform as well as its predecessor, but be a lot more comfortable inside. Although the idea of the 928 was good, it got a negative reception from die-hard Porsche fans. But even if this was the case, car enthusiasts who were not too familiar with the Porsche, reviewed the 928 rather positively and considered it a worthy replacement to the aging 911.


Designed by Wolfgang Mobius in 1977, the Porsche 928 was designed to replace the declining sales of the Porsche 911. The company executives wanted to incorporate a comfortable interior for the 928 (just like a sedan's) to the power and handling of the 911. The Porsche 928 is one of only 7 front-engine models designed by the company and the first V8-powered model to be mass-produced.


The first generation Porsche 928 received its power from a 16-valve 4.5 liter engine, which produced 219 horsepower with a maximum torque of 363 Nm. The Porsche 928 GTS, which is the last 928 that was produced, was powered by a 32-valve 5.4 liter engine, which was capable of producing 345 horsepower with a maximum torque of 500 Nm. The 928 was able to reach a top speed of 135 to 145 mph. 60 mph was reached after about 7 to 8 seconds. It was a true beast of a car in its time.


The Porsche 928's rear suspension was one of the features that made the car stable and easy to handle. Its rear suspension sported the Weissach Axle, which came from the name of the site of their development center. The Weissach Axle was way ahead of other technologies used by competing cars. Not only was the suspension of the 928 superb, but also its brakes. The brakes were able to come to a complete stop from 60 mph at 139 feet.

Quality and Value

In its release in 1978, the 928 was priced at about $26,000 to $28,500, which was pricey at that time. But, then again, an awesomely designed car by top engineers and car designers will not come at a cheap price. Judging the balance of the price tag and the quality of the car, the price was definitely worth it. As neither the 911, nor the 928 were marketed as family or economic cars, the larger price is to be expected, especially for a car that handled so wonderfully on tarmac.


The style of the 928 was far ahead of its time with the lay-flat pop-up headlights and a silhouette that stood out among others. The interior of the 928 screamed luxury. Like the 911, the 928 was a sports car through and through. That is why engineers used materials that were not often used in the 928’s day, which may also be why the price tag was so high.


The Porsche is not a common man's car. Over the years, it has stayed true to its aim to be a car built to perform. The 928 is not an exemption to this, even if it was designed to be more luxurious than its older brother, the 911. Since production of the 928 stopped years ago, driving around in one is certainly trendy, even though maintaining it will cost you a fortune. But, if you are an enthusiast, you should think of it as an investment of a legacy.

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