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Porsche 911 Review & Ratings

The Porsche 911 – A Carrera Model for Everyone

The Carrera 911 is easily the most famous and recognizable car ever manufactured by Porsche. Still in production, the 911 has been around for nearly half a century, and ongoing updates have continued to stay true to the original design. These tweaks to the body styling serve only to keep the car modern and relevant, while the overall body lines continue to follow the same iconic lines.

One of the most famous features of the Porsche 911 is its flat 6 cylinder “boxer” style engine, called such because of how the opposing cylinders face each other, their motion resembling a couple of boxers jabbing at each other. Historically, the original 911 was a simple air-cooled design, but as the car evolved and power output increased, Porsche quickly moved to a more common water-cooled design.

The popularity of this model has spawned multiple iterations, leading to an amazing 20 different sub-models currently produced. To the layman, most of these cars look fairly identical – but a diehard Porsche enthusiast with a keen eye can spot the subtle body differences to identify the various versions.

The entry level 911 can be purchased for around $84,000 (if you don’t include any optional features), and it only goes up from there. At this price, you’ll get the 350 horsepower engine. That kind of power is certainly nothing to laugh at, but it’s the lowest output motor of any current production 911 model.

Those wanting to feel the breeze a bit more directly might choose to pay a little more for the Cabriolet model – which is simply Porsche lingo for “convertible”. If you’re not into the traditional convertible style, the Targa 4 might be more your speed. It has an electronically controlled retractable roof section, allowing for additional airflow while leaving the rear window in place.

The Carrera 4 911 adds all wheel drive for better traction in harsh weather, and the additional traction off-the-line helps lower the car’s zero to sixty time. However, this comes at the cost of reduced overall power due to additional parasitic drivetrain drag.

Need a bit more power? The 911 S might be for you. Additional displacement brings the engine from the standard 3.4 liters to 3.8 liters, adding 50 horsepower in the process. The S is available as the traditional rear wheel drive variant, or the 4S is available to add all wheel drive functionality. The 911 GTS takes it a bit further. While maintaining the same 3.8 liter displacement, additional tweaks push this model to 430 horsepower.

The legendary 911 Turbo line adds the satisfying hiss of a powerful turbocharger and the accompanying sound of the blow off valve releasing built up pressure with each gear change. Even more satisfying is the 520 horsepower generated as a result of this forced induction process. The Porsche 911 Turbo has become a famous benchmark which many supercars are compared to, and has made its way into countless racing games. The Turbo S simply takes this a step further by adding an additional 40 horsepower to the standard Turbo’s output.

For those interested purely in race performance, the GT3 cuts no corners. It is designed to be a track ready car that can still be driven on the streets. Surprisingly, it produces slightly less power than the Turbo versions at “only” 475 horsepower. Instead of focusing on pure power output, the GT3 is engineered to be a well rounded track car. Weight reduction, suspension tweaks, and enhanced down force make this the best handling 911 in the current lineup. It’s also the only 911 model to not be offered in a convertible form.

No matter what you’re looking for, one of these Porsche 911 models is certain to provide exactly what you’re seeking.

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