Pagani Zonda Review & Ratings

Pagani is an Italian automaker founded in 1988 by Horacio Pagani, formerly of Lamborghini. They specialize is high-performance sports cars based on Formula One race vehicles. The Pagani Zonda is a supercar, or exotic car, built from 1999 to 2011, with three special edition cars built in 2012. For fact, just over two hundred cars were built of the original Zonda and they came in both a coupe and roadster version.

The Zonda, in all of its variations are built with carbon fiber bodies, making them strong as well as lightweight. The car is a fixture on the racing scene and is the predecessor to the Pagani Huayra. There have been many variations of the car being launched over the years, with the last, the Zonda R, being produced from 2009 to 2014.

Some of the car’s early engineering is reported to have been done by Juan Manuel Fangio, Formula One racing champion. The car was originally going to be named after Fangio who died in 1995, but the company settled on ‘Zonda’, instead. The name is derived from a weather phenomenon that occurs over Argentina.

There is reportedly only one remaining original model Zonda, the C12, which is owned by a Swiss woman who refused to sell it back to Horacio Pagani. The Roadster first appeared in 2003 and only forty cars of this model were built till date.


An expensive car, the Zonda can run anywhere between $500,000.00 and $4,500,000.00 US dollars, depending on the model, year, and the variant.

Engine Options

Three types of engines were used in the different variations of the Zonda and all of those were hand-built. They are a 6.0L AMG V12, a 7.0L AMG V12, and a 7.3L AMG V12.

Transmission Options

The Zonda came equipped with either a five-speed manual, six-speed manual, or six-speed sequential transmission.

Size and Space Options

The Zonda is a built for two passengers only, but there is plenty of head and leg room on offer.

Control Panel and Display

The control panel has a luxurious but futuristic look with displays for fuel and speed, as well as stereo controls, and outlets for air conditioning and a humidifier.


The Zonda comes with large ergonomic bucket seats in soft leather.


There were only a few hundred of these cars ever produced. They’re rather expensive, so they are only available to a lucky few.

Security Systems

The Zonda has a remote keyless entry and the owner can specify the type of anti-theft device installed.

Safety Options

There are no airbags in the Zonda but there are three-point seatbelts, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and a strengthened windshield.

Interior Options

Interior options that come pre-fitted in the car include leather seats, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, humidifier, and stereo system.

Exterior Options

Exterior options of Zonda include a rear spoiler, fog lights, magnesium wheels, and exterior flaps for stability.


There are no additional accessories for the Zonda.


The Zonda is one of the fastest high-performance vehicles produced till date. Each model of this car comes with a hand-built engine and design specifications that practically scream quality. All of the materials are of exceptional quality, especially the carbon fiber body.


The Zonda is a beautiful and sleek sports car that looks like it belongs on a race track.


As expensive as it is, the Zonda is definitely worth the price. The powerful engine and luxurious interior are among the best money can buy.

Our Verdict

The Pagani Zonda is a world-class supercar in every sense of the word. Not for the faint of heart, this car can reach speeds of over 200MPH easily. It’s a gorgeous road car with the soul and engine of a race car.

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