Opel Insignia Review & Ratings: Design, Features, Performance, Specifications ...

Opel Insignia Review & Ratings

German manufacturers Opel have always been known to deliver state of the art automobiles to the consumer market with versatility in mind. The Opel Insignia is a modern, large sized family car relatively new to production. Production began 2008 and continues today. It features a smooth body design, many customizable features and versatile options. Comparable to the Cadillac CTS, Chevy Malibu and Impala, and Buick LaCrosse, it is a top of the line luxury sedan with sufficient passenger space and comfort in mind. While very sleek, the Insignia is also performance oriented without being over the top. It was produced in all major markets in Europe.


What sets the Insignia apart from its classmates are the variety of features it has. Assembled in Germany, the Insignia offers semi-automatic, automatic, and manual transmissions. Accessibility is not an issue thanks to the option to chose between the four door saloon, five door hatchback, and five door estate. It has a traverse front engine, and offers both front wheel and four wheel drive. It also carries a unique Opel Eye feature, a camera in the front of the car that constant monitors changes in the road and road signs to alert the driver of unintentional lane departures or safety hazards like unseen road edges. This was the first feature of its kind and the Insignia was the first model to carry it. The lighting system was also very modern, with variable light beam distribution and LED running lights. More spacious than its predecessors, it offered more room for passengers. There were several trim packages available, including Essentia, Edition, Sport, Cosmo, OPC, and the Business edition.

High Performance

In 2009, a high performance version of the Insignia hit the market. With a 2.8 litre v6 engine and a six speed transmission available in both automatic and standard versions, the Isnignia OPC was a force to be reckoned with. It featured all wheel drive and an adaptive suspension. Opel launched a new Insignia OPC Unlimited in 2011, which featured no speed limiter. They also released versions known as the Country Tourer and Sports Tourer with different options and packages. There is also a motorsport version, the Insignia VXR, that is still present in the Brittish Touring Car circuit. 2013 was a big year for the Insignia. It received a newer, more modern styled interior, more cutting edge safety features and multiple new engine options. The engines are now currently avalibale with gas and diesel options, automatic or manual transmissions, and better emissions ratings that the models beforehand.


Currently, the Insignia carries on its modern reputation by offering a series of “infotainment” features including, voice recognition, a driver’s side touch pad for controlling multimedia, and a touch screen entertainment system. You can also use a variety of apps, such as weather, news, traffic, and internet radio. You can connect your digital devices to sync your contacts, videos, pictures and music to the infotainment system. The Insignia offers a luxury feel with a tailored interior featuring premium fabrics and hand-picked materials. The body features a smooth, streamlined aesthetic look and feel, with a chrome grill and LED lamps. It’s safe to say that efficiency and customer needs come first and foremost with the Insignia, followed only by luxury and elegance.


Over the years, the Opel Insignia has adapted well to change and found much success as a large luxury sedan with comfort and elegance in mind. Cutting edge technology and features keep consumers interested without being overwhelmed. With a history like that of the Insignia, there is a good chance that this is a model we will continue to see for some time.

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