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Nissan Titan Review & Ratings

The Nissan Titan was first introduced to the market by the Nissan Company in the year 2003. The Titan is a full sized pickup truck. This was the start of the Nissan Alpha platform that is shared with the Armada, and the Infiniti SUVs that are both derived using the Titan. Each of the vehicles is manufactured in the United States at a plant located in Canton, Mississippi. Development for the vehicles began in 1999. The design work was started in 2000 under the supervision of Diane Allen. The exterior for the Giovanny Arroba and a final production was frozen in the late part of 2001. The production of the truck started on the 21st of September in the year 2003 and sales started on the first of December in the same year.

Current Model

The full size Nissan Titan is similar to many of the trucks that are offered from the domestic automakers. It has a competitive amount of interior room and cargo space. The frame underneath is fully boxed to provide maximum strength and rigidity. There is also the traditional solid back axle that has leaf spring support.

The current Titan is offered with an extended cab or with a crew cab style. There are 2 bed lengths for each of the cab styles. A buyer can also choose from a standard or a long wheelbase version. The long version adds 20 inches to the length. The extended or king cab comes with a bed size of either 6 and a half or 8 feet and the beds of the crew cab are a foot shorter. The back doors on the King cab open extra wide in order to help with cargo loading or for passenger entry. The doors on the crew cab are traditional and there is a large seating area that has more legroom than offered in the extended cab.

The body styles of the Titan are available in 4 different trim levels. The entry level is the S, midgrade is SV, the Pro 4X that is designed for off road adventures, and the SL that is luxury oriented. The entry level S has a bench front seat. The other trims offer captain chairs in the front with a center console as standard.

The standard safety features include side airbags, side curtain airbags, and stability control. Some of the more notable options that are available include a navigation system, an upgraded audio system, DVD entertainment system, as well as cargo bed features that are utility enhancing. For those who will use the truck to pull trailers there are two towing packages available, a SV Value Truck and the SL Max Utility.

The Pro-4X adds some equipment for off-road adventures including a low final drive ratio, rancho shocks, skid plates, 18 inch off road tires, and an electric locking differential. There are also unique interior and exterior styling cues that differentiate this trim from the other models of the Titan.


The Titan was not designed to be a challenger for the larger “Detroit Trucks” in regards to sales and is simply meant as an alternative offering to those in order to provide the Nissan Company with an in road to the extremely competitive market of trucks. Titan was chosen as the name for the truck in order to provide a feeling of largeness.

Almost 25% of the sales of Titans come from the south central area of the United States, including Texas. These Titans are starting to gain in popularity and have definitely led the way to putting Nissan on the map when it comes to the market for large trucks.

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