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Nissan Sunny Review & Ratings

Whether we like it or not, cars are an important part and addition to our lives. There are people who are real enthusiasts and they tend to get emotionally attached to either their cars or certain makes and/or models.

The Nissan Sunny is a car that comes with an interesting history, that has sadly hurt a lot of enthusiasts along the way, leading to a rather rocky present that has made it one of those cars that started out strong but have managed to fade into obscurity.


The Nissan Sunny was first manufactured in 1966 and was designed to be a compact car, ready to take over the market right when the compact cars were just about to dominate in demand over the big bulky sedans that people were used to.

Not long after its launch, Nissan also released a sporty coupe version of the Sunny and people went wild over it.

They loved the sports version so much that for the following 25 years, every generation of Nissan Sunny came with a smaller and sportier coupe version as well.

All that changed in the 80s when all of a sudden the Sunny no longer had a coupe brother nor did it have any sexy design. It became a rather dull and boring block, similar to a cardboard box design, which ultimately failed it and made people choose other models.

By the mid 90s, the Nissan Sunny started fading away from the global market but still remaining present on the Asian one.

Currently the Sunny is available for purchase in China and Japan and even there it is slowly losing popularity .


The final global market Nissan Sunny came in 3 different engine choices: the 1.8 Liter, the 2.0 liter or the 2.5 liter version.

The Transmissions varied as well. There was a 4 speed automatic one, a 5 speed manual one or a 6 speed manual one for which the customer could opt for.

The layout was an FF layout, the platform was a Nissan MS platform and the body type was a 4 door sedan.

Safety and Security

When it came to safety, the Nissan Sunny was average. It was designed to be more of a car designed for a traveling salesman rather than a head turner, so other than your airbags and other reinforcements here and there, there was not much to it in terms of safety features.

Space and Comfort

The Nissan Sunny is spacious. It can accommodate a family of 5 with ease, and it has a lot of boot space for that huge amount of luggage that you need when going on a long vacation.

Quality and value

One of the best things about the Nissan Sunny is that it is very easy to maintain. If used correctly, the engine, transmission and suspension will last for a very long time with the overall maintenance value being low seeing as it is a mass produced car that tends to fade into the background.

Replacement parts for this car tend to be cheap, and maintenance is something that will not bother you too much. It is after all a car designed more or less for the average man that does not like to stand out in the crowd so no bells no whistles have been attached to it whatsoever.


The Nissan Sunny was ultimately designed with practicality in mind rather than sportiness. It can be very practical in the urban environment and get you from A to B without a problem, just don’t go off-roading or on country roads with it.

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