Nissan Rogue Review & Ratings

We live in a constantly changing environment and are ourselves constantly changing individuals based on our environment.

We tend to become more stressed and worried, we tend to have bigger needs as we go on in life, we tend to change our views on a multitude of things and ultimately, make changes that should have been made from the very beginning.

This is the concept on which the Nissan Rogue was designed and developed. First off, it’s a mid-size crossover SUV and is built in such a way that it manages to handle itself in both an urban and an off-road setting.


There is not really a lot of history behind the Nissan Rogue. However, the purpose for it being on the market was there to justify its existence.

It was initially built in 2007 and marketed as an urban transportation solution, and rightfully so, because if we look back on the competition that it had at the time it was introduced to the market, it certainly had an impressive edge on them.

It was also the first mid-sized crossover SUV to have a continuously variable transmission as a factory standard.


The current generation Nissan Rogue comes powered by a 2.5 liter I4 engine designed to deliver a lot of power to the engine without drastically increasing fuel consumption.

It also shares a platform with the Renault Common Module Family (CMF) giving it that extra stability that it needs when negotiating sharp turns in an urban environment.

It has a wheelbase of 106.5 inches and a weight of 3,532 lb.

Safety and Security

The Nissan Rogue, as a crossover SUV designed mostly for the urban jungle, was designed to be as safe as possible keeping in mind that it would mostly transport families around or be used to take kids to soccer practice.

The pillars are reinforced and the crumple zones are slightly offset in order to allow for better shock distribution. The overall shape of the car is designed so that in case of a frontal hit, all the shock would be absorbed by the pillars and back of the car rather than the sides.

Space and Comfort

Goes without saying that the Nissan Rogue is a rather generous vehicle when it comes to space for both people and luggage.

It is able to comfortably fit the needs of a family of 5 with the boot being big enough to store all the luggage that you need for an extensive vacation and still have enough room left for those extra little mementos.

Quality and value

The Nissan Rogue is a good quality car. It has been built with the idea of giving the family a nice, safe and fun environment in which to be transported in.

However the problem lies in the value of the car. Indeed the price tag is an average one for crossover SUVs, however due to the size of the engine and the complexity of the transmission, the maintenance costs might prove to be a bit higher than you would like.

Another thing to keep in mind when analyzing this aspect is the fact that this SUV can provide a lot more things that the cheaper smaller alternatives can.


As a crossover SUV, the Nissan Rogue is a very practical car and it can handle itself in both an urban and an off-road environment with relative ease, granted you don’t go crazy with the hill climbing.

It can also be helpful in certain strenuous situations, like when a friend needs towing or you have to reach a distant relative who lives in a remote part of the country.

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