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Nissan Qashqai Review & Ratings

No matter if we call it a small SUV or a crossover (a combination of a sports car and an SUV), the curiously named Qashqai is another one of Nissan's large car success stories. Being relatively recent in production, it has first emerged in the 2007, just recently, in 2013, being modernized under the same name.

It has received its name from the Qashqai tribe, a nomadic tribe living in southwestern Iran – but here is a curiosity: in Australia the Quashqai is called the “Dualis”.


This car doesn't have a long history, as it has been conceived and designed recently, in 2007. It has been designed by the Nissan's European technical center. The Nissan C platform has been used as a basis for this design – also a recent development, from 2004. The first model from 2007 is known as Qashqai Hatchback. That model received several revisions and improvements until 2013, when it was replaced by the Qashqai CC. This opportunity was also used to drop the name Dualis in Australia, so the Qashqai became universal in all areas of sale.


As mentioned above, it is a crossover between an SUV and a normal four-door car. It is built around an engine installed in the front with a front-wheel drive, or alternatively, on some variants, a four-wheel drive. The engine that powers the vehicle can vary, especially between two different regions (a large city vs. a rocky terrain, etc.), ranging from a 1.2 L turbo to a 1.6 L I4 diesel. It has a 9-level manual transmission system. The wheel base is 2,646 mm, while the height, width and length of the vehicle is 1,595, 1800 and 4,370 mm respectively.

Safety and Security

Security in the Quashqai is combined with the ease of use. It is enough to just have the key of the vehicle in your pocket and the car can be unlocked, and the engine started by a mere press of a button. The security can also be indirectly improved by its intelligent parking assistance – a testament to the advancement of the integration of computer technology in recent car models. The same advanced system can also help with braking in emergency situations, give the driver a warning of a vehicle that got a bit too close, and even judge the driver’s fatigue and activate the necessary warnings.

Space and Comfort

Practically built with the comfort in mind, the Quashqai’s decent size gives it enough room for the passengers not to feel claustrophobic or constrained, while the additional comfort is achieved through comfortable seats and electric windows. The more expensive “Tekna” variant has additional comfort features, like heated leather seats and an adjustable driver's seat.

Quality and Value

As a relatively recent model, it has taken many clues from Nissan's older models, but has been built from the ground up with the focus on quality materials combined with an attractive affordable price. The front panel looks robust, elegant, stylish, and the design is reliable. The interior is spacy and the car performance is decent, both in a straight road and when turning around corners. Its level of polish, the care that has been put into the making the car as easy to control as possible, and its size combined with its features and optional add-ons all lead to the conclusion that the value of the Quashqai is very high.


The Quashqai is very practical, combining the size of an SUV with the manageability of a standard four-door limousine, it can be very versatile in many situations, both in an urban and in a harsh environment.

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