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Nissan Patrol Review & Ratings

Nissan Patrol is the name for a series of robust four-wheel drive cars produced by the Nissan Corporation. Since its conception and first appearance, the Patrol has become recognized for its size and versatility. It has been used in every possible way, from a carpool vehicle to a military car, especially in Middle East.

Since its conception, it has undergone many changes and revisions, both internal and external. It is available in two versions – one with a shorter and one with a longer wheelbase, though both four-doors.


Since its appearance in 1951, the Patrol trademark name has survived six generations of Nissan Sport Utility Vehicles released under it. There were basically six generations: First (1951-1960), Second (1959-1980), Third (1980-2003), Fourth (1987-1997), Fifth (1997-2013) and Sixth (2010-present time). It is worthwhile to note that some of these generation spans overlap – it has sometimes happened that the new, overhauled model line was released when the older version was still being produced and sold many years later; so the different levels of technology existed in parallel. But throughout its existence, whether in its closed-roof or in the pick-up variant, it has remained, together with the Toyota brand, one of the strongest competitors for a reliable, versatile, sporty vehicle, suitable for both normal and off-road driving.


The most modern version of the Nissan Patrol (Y62) features truly impressive characteristics. While some of its ancestors were mid-sized, the most recent version is exclusively a full-sized four-door SUV. Available in normal and deluxe versions (both are powered by a powerful 400hp V8 engine). It has a seven-gear transmission model. A sub-version of the model even has a four-wheel drive option available, which can be easily activated as necessary. The SUV is 5,140 mm long, with its height and width being 1,940 and 1,995 mm, respectively.

Safety and Security

The latest version from 2014 is still very recent, so it hasn't yet received any official security ratings. However, it features all kinds of modern safety features: the ABS brakes, a dual airbag system, reinforced doors, 3-point seatbelts, and also the more important security features: a remote locking system and the engine immobilizer (if unauthorized access is detected by the integrated computer, the engine will be automatically disabled).

Space and Comfort

Just taking a look at the interior of the vehicle can amaze even a casual observer. The new, sleek design of the instrument panel and the front board with precise, easily readable instruments arranged in the most efficient manner are especially impressive. The seats feel luxurious, as they come with a leather coating. It also has all the other features that a modern driver would consider essential: a powerful stereo system with 6 speakers, a powerful on-board computer, and a GPS navigation system to say the least. Furthermore, it offers plenty of space for its passengers, which also increases the sense of comfort.

Quality and Value

This car practically oozes quality and robustness. It is easily one of the biggest cars on the market. However, despite its size, the technical excellence and the care that was put into the design phase, it can really be said that it offers enormously positive price to value ratio.


Its large size makes it most practical for off-road, sports driving, but it can be made useful in other purposes such as carpooling. The main benefit of the Patrol is its quality and precise production. Even with all of the seats occupied, the Patrol’s size still leaves around 550 liters of storage space to use, which dramatically increases its practicability in situations that fit its designated purpose.

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