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Nissan Maxima Review & Ratings

This is a type of car they call an “executive car” primarily because this kind of design and feature set was initially meant to be used by successful managers and businessmen. However, with its performance only matched by its robustness, it was also marketed as a pseudo-sports car. The last upgrade of the model was made in 2014 with many luxurious features, fog lamps, and an overall metallic look. It is expected to be further improved, with a new revision planned for 2015.


It can be said that the roots of this car lie in the Datsun 810 model from the 1976, which was an upgraded model from the Nissan Bluebird. In 1981, Maxima grew up to be its own separate line and it has been constantly improved ever since. Since its initial appearance, the model has undergone several redesigns: first in 1981, then in 1985, 1989, 1995, 2000, 2004, 2009, and there are expectations of a new revision in 2015, which has been confirmed by the representatives of the Nissan Corporation. Models from 1976 to 1988 were a compact two-door design. Only in 1988 did the Maxima become a name for a four-door executive-style car. After 2009, it officially became a sedan.


Currently the Maxima is in its seventh generation: first introduced in the 2009 and revised since in 2012. It is a 4-door sedan that has a front-wheel drive, front-engine design. Its engine boasts 290hp in its modern V6 design. The wheelbase measures 2,776 inches, while the whole vehicle is measured at 1,468mm in height, with 4,841mm in length and 1,859 in width. It weighs around 1,617kg.

Safety and Security

This vehicle received very positive reviews by most testers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given it very good grades in all tested areas, contested only by its somewhat lesser ability to sustain rear crash impact. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also gave it very positive reviews, mostly 4 to 5 stars in all tested areas. It features standard air bags, 4-wheel ABS brakes, a computerized stability control system and braking assistance, child safety locks, and other minor safety features.

Space and Comfort

In the Maxima, the first thing that is notable in the interior is the exceptional quality of the material used in its construction. Its larger size makes it spacious inside, the seats are comfortable, soft, but sturdy as well as completely adjustable. The air-conditioning comes as standard equipment as well as an 8-speaker stereo system. Many add-on features are available, including heated seats, mirrors and steering wheel as well as various computer software and hardware add-ons.

Quality and Value

As noted above, the used materials are of very high quality and are complete reliable, thus they offer great resistance upon impact, but it also boasts exceptional comfort for the passengers. Because of the durability of the engine, the Maxima can offer more horse power than other models within the same price range, which is why it is often a choice for people who want a sports car, but can’t afford the price tag. All in all, the Maxima offers has a great bang for its buck, the only downside being its size.


It is very practical, but it might be somewhat more difficult to manage due to its larger size. However, quality, responsive controls, and the optional navigational system help remedy this problem, which drastically raises its practicability. Another plus is that it can comfortably accommodate at least four passengers, which makes it a great car for carpoolers and parents. Furthermore, with its unprecedented speed, handling, and road stability for its class, it can take you and your children wherever you need to go – fast.

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