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Nissan Frontier Review & Ratings

Nissan Frontier is a re-branded “Nissan Navara”, branded as the “Frontier”, specifically for the Philippines and the Central and South America market. This modern, sleek pick-up truck has received overwhelming praise from many reviewers. Its most often praised areas are its mighty engine that gives it great performance for its class as well as the high level of comfort it provides for the passengers. Usually, pick-up trucks are designed to act as utility vehicles, while this one offers both performance and a comfortable driving experience.


Nissan already had a solid history of reliable pick-up trucks such as the D21 or the “Hardbody” since 1987. The original “Frontier” model was first released in 1997 and continued to be produced and sold up until 2000. There were four versions of this model: Single Cab, King Cab, and the Crew Cab, plus a special edition released under the name of “Desert Runner”.

In 2001, the D22 Navara model ceased to be sold in its old form in the Japanese market, so the Navara and the Frontier were unified under a single design, which was then improved and redesigned further. While the old Navara is still sold in many markets, the new model is sold as the “Frontier” in Central and South America, Australia, and Philippines. In North America and Japan, it is still known as the Navara. It comes in Crew Cab and King Cab variants.


The modern and improved D22 Frontier comes with a wide variety of choices for engines: 143hp, 180hp V6, and 210hp V6 SuperCharged. The engine is mounted in the front, while variants include both a two-wheel and a four-wheel drive. The dimensions of the vehicle are 5,532mm in length with 1,720mm in width and 1,605mm in height – for the new King Cab versions. Other versions vary slightly in dimensions; more detailed information on these differences is available online.

Safety and Security

Overall, this car offers many features to ensure the safety of the passengers. Its side and rear air bags, child safety locks, four-wheel ABS brakes are just some of the major safety features of this vehicle. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has offered it great ratings on most tests. While some tests have discovered slight weaknesses of the construction concerning rear-side collisions, most reviews agree that the protection it offers is excellent overall.

Space and Comfort

The design of the interior is simple, straightforward, and functional, while offering straightforward controls and manageability. It is made of a very solid, hard plastic, while the seats are pure comfort without all the bells and whistles. Leather and heated seats can be purchased as an optional add-on. Other optional features include the stereo with four speakers, remote unlocking, an air-conditioning system, even a camera, and various computer system customizations (USB, Bluetooth, etc.).

Quality and Value

The chassis of the car is hard and durable, as is the construction itself, which is precise and sturdy in nature. The interior plastic is also hard and reliable. The vehicle is generally among the best on the road just from how reliable it is. This is not a vehicle that will easily break down under stress or duress, as is appropriate – it is primarily a utility vehicle. Comforts are few, but they are undoubtedly there.


As a utility vehicle, it can be relied upon to do the job it was meant to do. It offers unprecedented stability both on and off-road and reliable, predictable controls. However, even if you use it as a family carpool or a ride around the city, it will more than suffice to fulfill anyone’s needs, especially with the optional add-ons.

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