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Mitsubishi Eclipse Review & Ratings

Elegant and sporty – these are the words that best describe the Mitsubishi Eclipse car. It is a sport coupé car, featuring higher-performance design than a regular coupé. While its compact nature makes it unsuitable for more than two passengers, its characteristics make it one of the most popular vehicles on the market: just until recently – in 2011, when the production of the line finally ended – the model (including its various versions) lasted for more than 20 years. What made this car popular is its stylistic design, its comfort, and its performance. Though it has been noted to perform better on a straight course, than turning on corners.


This is a car with a pretty long design and production history. Lasting from 1989 to 2011, it has undergone many alterations and improvements. There has been 4 generations and every one of them brought improvements to the performance of the engine as well as to the style, design and comfort. The generations were: First (1990-1994), Second (1995-1999), Third (2000-2005), and Fourth (2006-2012). The car was more thoroughly redesigned in the third generation and then again in the Fourth, making the Third and Fourth generation parts incompatible with the first two as well as between these two generations.


This is a compact sport coupé car, which means that it is a 2-door vehicle with a fixed roof, though there are convertible variants. All models have an engine mounted in the front. In first two generations, some models had a front-wheel drive, while some featured a four-wheel drive design. The latter two generations featured only a front-wheel drive design.

The latest generation is built on a Mitsubishi PS platform; its variants have one of two versions (2.4L, 162 hp; 3.8L, 263 hp) of the engine model. Its wheelbase is 2,576 mm, with a height of 1,351 mm, a length of 4,564mm, and a width of 1,834 mm. The transmission can be either 4, 5, or 6 levels with either automatic or manual mode of operation. The Fourth generation comes in many trim levels: GS, GS Sport Spyder (convertible), GS Sport, GT (hardtop), and GT Spyder (convertible). GT versions differ from the GS by having a stronger built-in engine (the 263 hp version).

Safety and Security

The construction of this car is generally sturdy and solid; its body also offers a high degree of security for the passengers. It has received high ratings, scoring 4 or 5 stars in the crash-test rating system of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Even the weakest models of the last generation have a six-airbag safety system with the more luxurious models having a dual-stage airbag system.

Space and Comfort

This vehicle is sturdy and well-built and it offers decent comfort for two passengers, even in its most basic version. More advanced and expensive variants offer optional add-ons like heated seats, heated rear-view mirrors, a rich audio system with six speakers, an air-conditioning system, and other options for more demanding customers.

Quality and Value

A car with a 20-year legacy is one that is of unmatchable quality and value. Even though it is less expensive than similar models, it offers great road performance and a sporty feel, thus offering a great value for the customer.


Even though the eclipse may not be the best choice for, say, a family of four, it can be very good choice for a couple who just want to enjoy the pleasures in life. Its small size makes it practical for crowded urban areas, while the convertible variants offer a pleasant view in the countryside. Its modest price coupled with comfort and performance make it one of the best choices.

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