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Mitsubishi Delica Review & Ratings

The Delica, from Japanese manufacturers Mitsubishi, is the name given to a whole range of trucks and MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicles) which have been in productions since 1968. Now we're on the fifth generation of Delica and like a fine wine, this is a car that has aged well.

The D:5 is a large looking vehicle that's versatile and incredibly sturdy. This makes it an appealing option for large, active families. It offers a combination of comfort and safety no matter the type of road. Ultimately, if you're torn between an SUV and a minivan, then the Delica might just offer the perfect middle-ground that you're looking for.

Specifications and Features

  • Eight seats

  • 'RISE' safety body

  • AWC four wheel drive system

  • Automatic transmission

  • 4B12 2.4 MIVEC inline-four engine

  • 2.0-litre and diesel variants available

An eight-seater, the D:5 offers plenty of room for big families and plenty of option in terms of where you want to go thanks to Mitsubishi's AWC four wheel drive system. The car looks like a tank too, with a solid and industrial look, not dissimilar from a battering ram (an attractive battering ram though). If you think that the appearance makes it look sturdy and safe, then you're not wrong as it also features the 'RISE' safety body.

The D:5 has automatic transmission and comes with a 4B12 2.4 MIVEC inline-four engine. A 2.0-litre version is also available, while there's also the choice of a diesel variant introduced in 2013.


The Delica D:5 was announced in 2006 and hit Japanese markets early 2007. The model was based on the Concept D-5 design demoed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005. The D:5 is not to be confused with the D:3 – a renamed Nissan NV200 released in 2011, or the Mazda Bongo which was also rebadged and sold as the 'Delica' between 1999 and 2010.

The Experience

The Mitsubishi Delica D:5's imposing appearance is owing to its emphasis on safety and space. One of the taglines Mitsubishi used when promoting the D:5 was 'Safety With Peace of Mind' – and you can see why. If you're ferrying a car full of sprogs around, then the D:5 will give you the utmost confidence in their safety.

Adding to this safety is a 'rib bone frame' body structure, SRS knee airbag standard across models and plastic resin fender panels with superior 'shape recovery'. This thing could probably survive a nuclear holocaust.

On top of this, you also get the versatility of four wheel drive. The electronically controlled 'active stability control' make this a much more accessible drive though than many SUVs. If you want the option of leaving the beaten path from time to time but feel intimidated by a real off-roader, then the Delica D:5 is a good fit. The Delica D: 5 is also very efficient with a 4-star rating for emissions.

The ample space is obviously going to appeal mainly to large families, though of course it can be handy in many other circumstances too, whether you're offering lifts or transporting boxes during a home move. The 'Cocochi' interior design was informed by the objectives of being 'clean, stress-free and reassuring' and Mitsubishi certainly accomplished that. The interior is comfortable, spacious and cool while a deodorizing Clean Air Filter will be a welcome addition for any dog owners.


In conclusion, the Delica D:5 is a superbly durable and resilient vehicle that can give parents real peace of mind on the road thanks to its slew of safety features. Combine that with four wheel drive for days out and the huge amount of space and this is a car that can make life much easier for big families.

For everyone else, the extra room, resilience and versatility will still be appreciated. So if you're torn between an SUV and a minivan/people carrier, look no further.

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