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Mitsubishi Colt Review & Ratings

Ever since 1962, the Mitsubishi Colt has been seen in a variety of models. The most recent incarnation of the subcompact Colt was seen during 2002, which stretched up to late 2012. Mitsubishi Motors, a Japanese company, dates back to 1917 when the company built its first automobile after years of being in the shipbuilding business.

The company later merged with an aircraft company and started building engines. Mitsubishi would again begin building cars after World War II.

The original Colts were sold primarily in Japan. It was not befire1978 the first imports began to appear in Europe and Australia. In some markets the Colt appeared as the Mirage and the Lancer. In 2002 the car was given a complete redesign, with the introduction of a fewer variants. It has the same platform as the Daimler-built Smart Forfour.

The Colt comes in different styles including a three-door and five-door hatchback, a five-door station wagon, and a two-door hardtop convertible.

In 2006 Mitsubishi introduced the Colt MIEV, an electric car that used a separate motor at each wheel. In 2008 the Colt was given a facelift, altering the body to be more aerodynamic. There have also been a number of concept and prototype Colts built over the years by Mitsubishi.


A used or pre-owned Colt can run anywhere from $6,000.00 to $13,000.00 US dollars, depending on model year, mileage, and running condition.

Engine Options

The most recent incarnation of the Colt was equipped with a variety of engines. They include 1.1L 3A91 Inline-3, 1.3L 4A90 Inline-4, 1.5L 4A91 Inline-4, 1.5L 4G15 turbo Inline-4, 1.5L Di-D Inline-3 diesel, and 1.6L 4G18 Inline-4.

Transmission Options

The Colts are equipped with either a five-speed manual or six-speed semi-automatic transmissions.

Size and Space Options

The Colt is a subcompact that holds up to four passengers and allows for some surprising head and legroom. There is a minimum of storage space in the hatchback and station wagon models. The rear seats can be split and fold down for further cargo room.

Control Panel and Display

The dashboard is laid out neatly and is driver-friendly with displays for fuel consumption and speed. The radio controls mounted in the center are simple, as well. The steering wheel has controls for audio and cruise control.


The car comes with height adjustable driver and passenger seats, air conditioning, and adjustable steering wheel.


The Colt is available in most markets worldwide. Pre-owned Mitsubishi Colt are widely available throughout US.

Security Systems

The Colt is available with a standard anti-theft alarm system and keyless entry.

Safety Options

Standard safety options offered by the car include three-point seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and traction control.

Interior Options

Interior features that the car is pre-fitted with include cruise control, air conditioning, an audio system with CD player and MP3 connectivity, power windows, and cloth-covered adjustable seats.

Exterior Options

Exterior features include electric side mirrors, alloy wheels, fog lights, and a choice of sport trim.


Available accessories include cup holders, floor mats, and interior trim choices.


Mitsubishi is known for its quality cars and the Colt is no exception. The materials are very good and the Colt is a reliable automobile.


The Colt is all about practicality, making it a good starter car or family car.


You can find some great deals on pre-owned Colts that give you quite a bit of value for your money. The car also has great fuel efficiency so you’ll save money at the gas pump.

Our Verdict

The Mitsubishi Colt is a nice reliable car with good handling and a fairly smooth ride. Pre-owned cars come in a range of prices so you are sure to find one that fits your budget, especially if you have a young family.

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