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Mini Clubman Review & Ratings

The 2015 MINI Clubman is the biggest car the company has ever made. It’s 30cm longer than the old Clubman, making it just 2mm shorter than a Volkswagen Golf. The new model also has a larger, 360-litre, boot.

The latest Clubman keeps the same distinctive barn-style boot doors from the previous version, but it ditches the quirky one-rear-door layout in favour of a more conventional front-hinged, four-door set-up.

It goes on sale in October priced from £19,995, and we invited some readers along to deliver their verdict ahead of the launch.

Reader reviews


  • Age 45
  • Job Company director
  • Drives Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

‘I had been thinking of buying the outgoing Mini Clubman, but with a dog and two tall boys we would have struggled to use it every day with that one rear-hinged door.

‘Having six doors on this new model is a huge improvement, as is the increased interior space, so now it ticks all the boxes.

‘I’ve been considering a VW Golf as well, but it’s just a bit dull, and this Mini is a real breath of fresh air in comparison with lots of other cars in the class.

‘I love my VW Beetle because it’s got so much character, but it’s just not practical enough. The Clubman has that element of fun and now, crucially, it’s definitely practical enough to live with.

‘There’s plenty of space for passengers in every seat, the driver’s seat offers lots of support and is very comfortable, and the boot is one of the standout selling points.

‘My only gripe is with the Clubman’s front-end styling. For me, it takes away from the iconic look of the Mini that the hatchback has because it’s a bit too stretched, but aside from that it looks like a great car’


  • Age 56
  • Job Engineer
  • Drives Mini Clubman Cooper SD

‘I currently own the outgoing Mini Clubman and, while it’s mostly superb, when I carry passengers in the back they complain about the shortage of space.

‘There’s no such trouble with this new model though; it’s really benefited from the increase in size. There’s now a decent amount of space in the rear and it’s much easier to access the back seats.

‘That’s not taken away from its looks either. It’s distinctive and recognisable; if you took the badge off you’d still know exactly what it was, and that’s part of what makes it more appealing than rivals like the Ford Focus. It stands out more. May seem like a party piece but it will actually be really useful in real life.

‘The high roof makes the interior nice and airy, with lots of head room for passengers. The car’s got a comfortable driving position, which is easily adjustable.

‘The interior is very comfortable to sit in with a good driving position. Although my approach to technology is to try to minimise what I have to do with it, I found the infotainment system easy to use despite there being an abundance of features.

‘It’s great to see a generous amount of standard kit included as well, like sat-nav and Bluetooth.’

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