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MG 6 Review & Ratings

UNTIL NOW, THE MG 6 hasn’t been good enough to draw buyers away from models produced by mainstream manufacturers such as Ford and Skoda. Step forward this phase-two version.

It has a cleaner look with restyled bumpers, head and tail-lights, and a more efficient diesel engine. Technology is improved, too, and prices have fallen by up to £3000.

Cleaner, faster, cheaper to tax

The MG 6 is now available only with a 1.9-litre diesel engine which, as before, produces I48bhp and 2581b ft of torque. However, the 75kg that’s been shaved from the car’s weight means the revised 6 covers the o-6omph dash in 8.4 seconds – half a second quicker than before.

The engine is also more efficient and now produces C02 emissions of ligg/km and average fuel consumption of 6i.4mpg. It’s still not as clean or frugal as a Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI150 or a Ford Focus 2.0TDCi 150, though.

However, thanks to its low price the top-spec MG 6 TL attracts a lower tax charge than rivals in their most basic forms.

Cleaner it may be but the engine is unrefined. It’s gruff beyond 4000rpm and, at around 2500rpm, the steering wheel and pedals vibrate and buzz. Whatever the speed or road surface, the 6 feels supple. There’s some initial body roll but otherwise it feels balanced and stable. The steering is accurate and has sufficient weight on the motorway to help keep your chosen line. In town the weight reduces to make the 6 easier to manoeuvre.

Lots more for your money

The MG 6’s cabin quality has improved but there are still too many iffy-feeling materials. That said, the centre console looks much neater now thanks to the fitment of an electronic parking brake.

A new infotainment system uses a high-deflnition 7.0m touchscreen. It features sat-nav with postcode recognition, a DAB radio, Bluetooth, and an iPod connection. It has its foibles but processes commands relatively quickly.

The front seats are comfortable and supportive. Rear head room is tight if you’re over 6ft tall, though. The 472-litre boot is bigger than the Ford Focus’s but can’t match the Skoda Octavia’s.

Equipment levels are generous. Even the basic S version comes with LED running lights, hill-start assist, air-con, heated seats and six airbags.

Upgrade to TS and in addition to the infotainment system you get auto lights and wipers, rear parking sensors and a leather, multi¬function steering wheel. Top-spec TL versions have electric leather seats, bi-xenon headlights, dual-zone climate control and a rear parking camera.

MG6’s case now much stronger The MG 6 isn’t as good as a Ford Focus or Skoda Octavia in key areas such as refinement and quality but it’s no longer so far behind that it registers as just a budget proposition.

The value is certainly still there, helped by an expected improvement in resale values.

Ultimately, we’d still recommend an Octavia or Focus because they are more polished alternatives but now, with the arrival of this updated version, there’s a decent argument for buying an MG 6.

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