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McLaren F1 Review & Ratings

The McLaren F1 is a streamlined sports car produced from 1992 to 1998. It’s perhaps mention-worthy that only one hundred and six cars were built in that time. It was designed by Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens for McLaren Automotive, a British manufacturer of high-performance automobiles based on Formula One technology. The company was founded in 1989 by Bruce McLaren, a race car driver who designed his own car in 1966.

The F1 was designed similar to a race car, but built for the road. In 1998 it set the record for world’s fastest production car, reaching a top speed of 243 MPH. It is still one of the fastest cars ever made. The car has a unique interior design with the driver’s seat in the center and in front of two rear passenger seats. The F1 is lighter than most cars that use carbon fiber, Kevlar, magnesium, gold, and titanium. The engine is mounted in the rear of the car and uses a gold foil safety shield for the exhaust. The car also has butterfly doors that move up and out when opened.

The McLaren F1 saw a few revisions over the years of production, including the LMs, GTs, and GTR. There were also five prototypes built, labeled X1 through X5, that are still in existence today. While the cars are no longer produced, there are eight authorized service centers in the world that still work on the cars and if necessary, McLaren will fly a specialized technician to a center for service.


Today a McLaren F1 will cost about five million US dollars, but as per record it has sold for as high as $10.5 million.

Engine Options

The F1 is equipped with a 6.1L S70/2 BMW V12 engine.

Transmission Options

The car has a standard transverse 6-speed manual transmission.

Size and Space Options

The F1 is built for speed and the cockpit is a little tricky to get into. It holds three passengers, but is not built for long road trips.

Control Panel and Display

The instrumentation on the F1 is actually pretty streamlined and easy to read, displaying fuel gauge, tachometer, and speedometer, and lights up at night for easy viewing.


Designed like a race car, the interior is surprisingly comfortable. There is full-cabin air conditioning, map reading lights, storage compartments, and the driver’s seat, steering column height, and pedals are all custom built to the owner’s specifications.


Only one hundred and six models were built and they were expensive.

Security Systems

The car can be equipped with an anti-theft alarm device of the owner’s choosing.

Safety Options

The F1 does not come with airbags, but does have seatbelts. The car comes with a four-light high-performance headlight system and central locking, as well as a first aid kit and a modem so information can be accessed in the event of mechanical failure.

Interior Options

The F1 comes with a state-of-the-art Kenwood stereo system, specially built luggage bags, tool kit, and custom made leather seats.

Exterior Options

Standard on all F1s are an electric defrost windshield and side glass, rear fog lights, and specially designed tires with 17-inch magnesium wheels.


The car comes with a custom designed golf bag. The owners also received a special edition TAG Heuer wristwatch.


The F1 is a quality-built custom car with exceptional materials.


The car looks and feels like a sleek and powerful racing car.


If you could afford it, the car offers quite a lot for the money you spend.

Our Verdict

The McLaren F1 is a road car with the soul and design of a race car. If you have this car, then you are truly lucky to own such a high-performance vehicle.

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