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Mazda 121 Review & Ratings

The Mazda 121 comes in a variety of different models starting all the back to 1975 and goes all the way up to 2002. From 1975 to 1981, piston engine second generation Mazda 121 Cosmos Sports Car was made. It was actually known as the Mazda AP with the AP standing for anti-pollution, in Japan. However, the car has been sold internationally as the Mazda RX-5. Although it had these different names, the piston powered engine gave it the name Mazda 121.

Mazda 121 Cosmo 1975 to 1981

The Mazda 121 Cosmo was offered from 1976 to 1978. However, that car was replaced with the Mazda RX-7 and it was their rotary powered sports car. Although the RX-5 series was used as a personal luxury car, it was offered as their notchback coupe and called the ‘Landau.’ This car featured what was called an ‘opera window’ back then as well as a padded vinyl roof covering.

Ford Festiva 1988 to 1991

The For Festiva was designed by Mazda as well. It was not only sold in Japan but the America’s and Australasia as well. Not only was it designed by Mazda but it also used the DA platform as well as B-series inline four-engines. Festiva kept up with the trend of Fords created by Mazda for the Asia-Pacific markets such as the Telstar and Laser.

South Korea’s first generation sales started under the name Kia Pride in 1987 and Australasia and Europe had gotten their first version between the years of 1987 and 1991 and it was under the name Mazda 121. However, after 1991, the name was changed to Ford Festiva.

Autozam Revue 1991 to 1998

The Autozam Revue was a sub-compact car introduced in 1990 under the Mazda Autozam marque. However, that company went under and they started marketing these cars under the name Mazda Revue in a few markets. This car was sold in many different continents including Europe, Australia, Colombia, Bolivia, and Chile. However, it was sold in the U.K and other export markets under the name Mazda 121. This is when it replaced the first 121.

The Revue was made available in many markets as a small and four-door saloon car. It had a canvas sunroof that was added in 1991 but was made optional to buyers. It was also offered as a 5-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.

Mazda Demio 1996 to 2002

The Mazda Demio was produced between 1996 and 2002 by the Japanese. It was a supermini car in its third generation of Mazda’s. It is marketed around the world under other names including the Mazda 2, Mazda 121, Mazda Metro, and Ford Festiva Mini Wagon. The Mazda Demio won the 2008 World Car of the Year award.

Ford Fiesta 1996 to 2002

The Ford Fiesta was the fourth and final generation of Mazda 121 cars. It was a subcompact car and actually became the best-selling car in Britain between 1996 and 1998. Most of the parts were heavily revised which included a newly built suspension and this gave the Fiesta one of the best handling abilities in its class.

This model came with a new Zetec-SE engine. The engine was available in two different forms including the 1.25 L and the 1.4 L. The engine was a 1.8 diesel and was modified a little bit for the Mark IV version. It is now marketed under the name, ‘Endura DE.’ However, some of the lower spec. models were still made available with the last edition Kent 1.3 L engine which is now called the Endura E. Not only did it comes with many changes to it, it also came with a new interior and new exterior.

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