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Maybach 57 Review & Ratings

The Maybach 57 was one of the first cars made by Maybach since the renewal of the brand by DamlierChrysler AG, who is now just DamlierAG. This car was one of the cars derived by the Benz Maybach cars which were presented at the Toyota Motor Show in 1997.

Maybach 57 History

Wilhelm Maybach, an engineer, worked together with Gottlieb Damlier to create combustion engines. The very first Damlier-Maybach vehicle was created in the year of 1889. Over the years, the brand of Damlier-Maybach made a name for itself by building cars that were mainly very large, luxurious, and powerful. Although these cars were very powerful and popular back then, they went away for a while but were reintroduced in 2002. They then started competing against the BMW, Rolls-Royce Phantom.


The Maybach 57 was designed to be owner-driven, unlike the other Maybach, the Maybach 62 which was designed to have a chauffeur drive the car.


The Maybach 57 comes with many features. It has a navigation control system which uses voice recognition to control it. This car also comes with air conditioning with four-zone climate controls. It also comes with a power rear sunshade, a back-seat DVD entertainment system, an interior air filter, front and back seat massage, a sound system that includes 21 speakers, a steering wheel with radio, climate controls, and power tilt, telescopic, as well as heated to keep the drivers hands warm while driving. Talk about luxury! This car also comes with a power controlled open and closed trunk, and a voice activated AM/FM radio with a 10-disc CD Changer.

You can also start the car without a key. There are many features of the Maybach 57 that would make anyone want to drive one of these luxurious vehicles.


This is one powerful, luxury car! The engine comes as a Mercedes-sourced 5.5 liter, twin turbo V-12 generating 405 kilowatts.

This car can also go really fast! It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. within 5.1 seconds. It also has 518 bhp and as of the year 2008, was priced to sell at $366,934. The wheels come as 7-spoke and are 19-inches in diameter.

Power on this car might have already been mentioned but it is worth mentioning again. The Maybach 57 not only comes with 550 hp but it also comes with an optional extra 620 hp V-12.It also comes as a 5-speed automatic transmission as well as reclining seats and 10 airbags.


The warranty on this car is great. You will get a 48-month and unlimited distance warranty for maintenance, the same for the basic warranty, the same for powertrain and corrosion. However, the warranty for the roadside assistance coverage comes as unlimited months and unlimited distance.


The Maybach 57 can get 10 mpg in the city and 16 mpg on the highway. It is a rear wheel drive and comes with chrome body-side moldings, and a chrome grille. Its maximum cargo volume is 21.4 cubic feet. The exterior body width is 78 inches.

The Maybach 57 also comes with side impact beams, a programmable headlamp with washer and delay is turned off, and four-door curb lights. It also comes with front and rear fog and driving lights, an illuminated entry, and an engine temperature. What else is so great about this luxury car is that there is a warning when the battery is low or is dying, a warning when the oil is low, and a warning when the coolant is low. A warning also comes on when the key is on, when the lights are on, and when gas is low. This car has everything you can imagine and then some!

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