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Mahindra Scorpio Review & Ratings

Founded in 1945, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is a multi-national automobile company based in Mumbai, India. The company is owned by the parent company Indian Mahindra Group. The Scorpio was first introduced in 2002 and is the first SUV produced for the global market. The vehicle has received Car of the Year from Business Standard Motoring magazine. The car has also been awarded both Best SUV of the Year and Best Car of the Year by BBC World Wheels.

The company began as an automobile assembly plant, but hiring new executives and bringing in engineers and designers propelled the company towards car making. The Scorpio was revised in 2006, and included a hybrid version designed by a former employee of Ford Motor Company. In 2007 Mahindra introduced the Scorpio Getaway, a pick-up truck.

The Scorpio is sold all over the world. In Europe, it launched as Mahindra Goa so as to not confuse it with the Ford Scorpio. Mahindra has plans to introduce the SUV to the United States as soon as the legal issues have been ironed out.


The list price of a new Mahindra Scorpio runs about $21,500.00 in US dollars.

Engine Options

Scorpio comes with a choice of three engines—2.1L Petrol Inline-4 116hp, 2.6L Turbodiesel Inline-4 115hp, and a top-mounted 2.2L M-Hawk Turbodiesel Inline-4 120hp.

Transmission Options

Transmissions offer you two choices: a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, with optional 4-wheel drive.

Size and Space Options

The Scorpio is a full-sized SUV, with seating capacity of up to five passengers.

Control Panel and Display

The car comes pre-fitted with a standard fuel gauge, tachometer, speedometer, and a voice assist system.


The Scorpio offers comfortable cloth seats, armrests on front seats, tiltable steering wheel for the driver’s comfort, and general interior heating and cooling.


The SUV is an affordable automobile available all over the world.

Security Systems

The Scorpio is equipped with a standard anti-theft alarm that is sounded when someone tries to break into or steal the car.

Safety Options

Tubeless tires on this car offer protection from sudden blowouts by deflating slowly in case of puncture, while a collapsible steering wheel protects the driver in the event of a crash. The fire retardant upholstery helps check the spread of fire, and crash protection crumple zones absorb most of the impact from a collision.

Airbags are standard in markets that require them by law.

Interior Options

Interior options include power steering, power windows, central console with cup holders, cruise control, audio controls on the steering wheel, middle row sliding seats, and a mobile charging area in front and rear seats.

Exterior Options

Exterior options in the car include powerful fog lamps, sporty decals, a newer streamlined bonnet scoop that allows plenty of air in– to cool any engine heating, mud flaps, alloy wheels, and an illuminated spoiler.


Additional accessories include floor mats, two-tone seat covers, and cup holders.


For the listed MSRP, the Mahindra Scorpio provides a quality car that offers adequate safety features and relative comfort for a family. It also offers good fuel efficiency.


The Scorpio SUV is a utilitarian automobile that looks good on the inside and outside.


The Scorpio is a good value for the price, especially for a young family just starting out. The car is reliable and available worldwide.

Our Verdict

While it’s not a flashy car, the Mahindra Scorpio is a stripped down but reliable automobile that makes for a very good family car. It provides the basics and a bit more with good entertainment systems and safety systems. Overall, this SUV is a good value for the asking price.

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