Lotus Elise Review & Ratings: Design, Features, Performance, Specifications ...

Lotus Elise Review & Ratings

There is a rather special way in which we look at sports cars regardless of our age. There is still that air of mystery and sensuality that surrounds them, the same air that attracted us to them when we were kids, . This aura of sensuality and mystery goes for the Lotus Elise too.

Probably one of the most well-known and at the same time rocky manufacturers, Lotus have managed to stay afloat during the recession that hit Britain and caused multiple car manufacturers like TVR, Triumph and Austin to close shop.


There is quite a lot of racing history behind the Lotus Elise, including some rather important and impressive racing wins.

Initially, Lotus was facing the same problems that all other British sports car manufacturers were facing: imminent bankruptcy.

However instead of sitting around waiting for things to go whichever way, Lotus decided to go out with a bang, and put all their resources into designing the Elise.

The gamble paid off, and the people loved it. This helped Lotus bounce right back up and propel themselves on the top of the sports car manufacturers list once again.


The specs of the Elise are funny at best. Keeping in mind that it is a sports car, we expect power, precision and accuracy. However, because of the fact that it is a very small sports car, we also expect all of these attributes to come from smaller sources.

This is why the Engine is a 1.8 Liter Toyota engine, the transmission is either a 5 speed or a 6 speed manual, and the overall weight of the car is 910 Kg.

Safety and Security

Sports cars are notorious for sacrificing safety for speed. That is true on the track . The urban versions of sports cars don’t do this, and the Elise is no exception.

It is jam packed with crumple zones, shock absorbing padding, airbags, impact prevention software on its onboard computer, sensors and even limiters that stop it from over- and under-steering.

Space and Comfort

This is where the Elise fails a lot of its fansl.

It is a very small sports car making the available space only available for the driver and 1 passenger. It comes with a small boot where you can put some discrete luggage, bare essentials at best, but going on trips and packing for a proper vacation is completely out of the question with the Elise.

Quality and value

When it comes to sports cars in general, quality and value are indeed debatable.

In the case of the Elise, you are paying the right sum of money to get essentially what is on the tin. A small, fun and spirited sports car which you can feel safe in while having all the fun you possibly can.

Lotus has a certain history with cars breaking down or underperforming. It is this history that has helped them learn from their mistakes and ultimately manufacture a car that will not have any of the problems that their past cars had.


The Lotus Elise is by no means a practical car. It will not be able to carry all your luggage, it will not help you transport things and it has enough room for only you and one other person. That said, that is not the essence of the car.

The Elise was meant for long fun drives along the coast, not transporting cement and manure on a farm. It was designed to make you go from A to B in the finest possible way and at the fastest speeds possible , not tackle the Amazonian jungle while towing a bus.

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