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Lancia Delta Review & Ratings

When you hear the term “small car” there aren't many examples that come to mind immediately. You might think of the Matiz, you might think of the Mini, you might even think of the Beetle, but most people tend to forget or do not know about the Lancia Delta.


Dubbed “The Super-Midget” from its debut because of its tiny size but maximized performance, the Lancia Delta was a rally car at heart at the very beginning. Everything about it and its design screamed rally. From the slightly heavier front end, its sharp cornering capabilities to the excessively powerful engine that it came with, it was a rally car through and through.

The Lancia Delta did start its life as an iconic symbol of rally cars but its popularity led to a street version being designed, manufactured and released on the market. This street version sold for 15 years straight.


Currently, the most powerful engine a Lancia Delta can come with is a 2.0 Liter Turbocharger I4, which happens to generate a lot more horsepower and faster speeds than this neat little car will ever need.

The Lancia Delta does not come with sensors, onboard computers and cutting edge technology but some of the Lancia Delta trims come with a 4WD setup, and they can and will keep you enthralled when driving them.

Safety and Security

It might not look like it, but the Lancia Delta is actually a safe car to drive. Ok, it came before the time of crumple zones, shock absorbing padding, and twisting warping metal but it is from a more straight forward time, a time that has been lost in the recent technical advances.

It is a rally car first and foremost which means that even though it is really fast and powerful, it is also as maneuverable, safe and reliable .

Space and Comfort

The Lancia Delta might be a neat and fast little car, but it is quite roomy. It can fit the driver plus 3 more passenger quite well and still leave room in which to stretch, lots of head room and lots of leg room.

The boot is a strange yet generous one, being able to fit the needs of the whole family, if they are arranged in a creative way.

Quality and value

Value wise, the Lancia was and is still affordable by the masses. It is the kind of car that you still see on the streets despite the amount of time that has passed since production was stopped. Even though it might seem like the maintenance costs are slightly higher than those of other cars, once you are put face to face with the actual bill you realize that it is not.


This is where the Lancia shines. It might not be able to tow larger cars or be used to plow a field, but it can be very practical especially in an urban environment and it can really feel at home on a country road.

It can negotiate turns quite easily even at high speed and can fit into some of the most claustrophobic parking spaces without annoying anyone, not forgetting that driving a Lancia Delta is generally a fun experience.

It has that unique sound, more or less like a small pit-bull showing its teeth and charging towards its target, an unforgiving and unmistakable mechanized growl.

There are no complicated words or big phrases used to describe the Lancia Delta: its just a neat, small and powerful little car that is more at home on the rally track than on solid tarmac.

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