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John Deere Gator Review & Ratings

John Deere Gator’s are a family of all terrain utility vehicles that are made by John Deere Corporation. Most of the Gators will feature a boxed bed that is similar to that of a pickup truck. The bed can be installed to use as an electric dump body. Over the years the John Deere Gator has been made in several configurations ranging from having four to six tires. These vehicles were designed to be used on worksites, farms, and ranches, and were not designed as a pure off-road vehicle. However, you can order a Gator with specific features for off road adventures. The Gator replaced the 3 or 5 wheels AMT by John Deere that was first introduced in the year 1987.


Gator vehicles use a powerful 341 cc 4 stroke engines. These are typically the engines that are found in lawnmowers. There is an optional diesel engine available as well. The vehicles use a continuously variable transmission that uses a belt and conical pulley system, which means that there is no gear shift of clutch needed in order for them to operate. There are several 3rd party attachments available for Gators including sanders, snow plows, and gun racks.

There is a 600 pound maximum pay load capacity. The Gator’s size was designed so that it could be loaded into the back of a pickup truck and transported to locations that may be hard to get to use a conventional method. The overall design of the first and the second AMT’s were quite simple and easy to fix on site. The rugged design made it a preferred utility machine to use for different jobs and the weight overall was quite light.

Product Lines

There are several different versions of the Gator available. The lines include the Traditional Series, the HPX series, the Compact Series, and the XUV Series. There are also several different specialty vehicles available including the Trail Gator, which is off road oriented. The Trail Gator has an olive color and is best for recreational uses and sporting uses. The Trail Gator has an olive color and is best for recreational uses and sporting uses. There is a Turf Gator that was designed for golf courses. The United States Army uses an M-Gator.

The Traditional Series is actually the 2nd generation of the original and was designed to use for lightweight to medium workloads.

The HPX series were first introduced in the year 2004. These are larger than the traditional Gators and were created for more heavy duty use.

The Compact Series were introduced in 2004 as well. These are a smaller version and are similar to a golf cart. These were targeted for homeowners rather than the commercial customer.

In 2007, the Gator XUV 4 by 4 was introduced. These were designed for both recreational and commercial use. The models are typically set up with a snow plow and are used heavily in industry. There are both gas and diesel engine choices available for this model.

In the year 2011, John Deere responded to the competitive market and expanded the XUV line of Gators. The line included an 825 cc three cylinder engine that would go along with the 625 cc engine that was currently offered. The new engine has a faster differential, which would allow the Gator to reach speeds of nearly 45 miles per hour. Additionally, the diesel engine was still offered, with speeds of up to 32 miles per hour, which made it the fastest utility vehicle that uses diesel on the market.

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