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Jaguar XF Review & Ratings

The Jaguar XF is a luxury car that is produced by Jaguar cars, which is a British manufacturer of vehicles. The XF was first introduced in the fall of the year 2007. This model replaced the Jaguar S-Type from previous years.

This vehicle model was developed in the Whitley design and development headquarters located in Coventry. The vehicle is built in Birmingham at the Castle Bromwich Assembly. While it was being assembled the car was referred to as X250.

The XF first appeared in the year 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This was following the concept showing at the North American International auto show in January of 2007. The change in design was significant when compared to its predecessor. The most notable changes are around the nose of the car and the front lights. There is a mesh grille that is oval in shape and goes back to one of the original Jaguars from 1968. In addition, the boot lid includes a leaper Jaguar logo and retains the S-Types chromed blade to the edge.


There are some unique features in the interior of the Jaguar XF as well. The air conditioner vents fit flush to the dash and will rotate open when you start the engine of the vehicle. Another unique feature is the Jaguar Drive Selector, which is a rotating gearshift dial that will rise from the center console.

One of the other departures from the traditional Jaguar appearance of the interior is that the backlighting of the instruments, the major control panel, and switchgear is now a pale blue. Some of the minor systems, such as the glove department and the light covers are controlled by a simple touch.

There is no cloth interior option available for this vehicle. Even at the entry level of the vehicle the interior is fully trimmed with leather. This is even in areas that were typically made of plastic on previous versions of the car. There is also now carbon fiber, aluminum, and black lacquer trims available in addition to real wood veneer.


In 2011, the company revealed that the Jaguar XF would be receiving an update. The update included a change to the style of the front and the rear, which were based on the original concept car. There are also changes to the internal trim enhancements, more adaptive cruise control, as well as a four cylinder 187 bhp 2.2 liter diesel engine. This is combined with an 8 speed automatic transmission.


There are several models of the XF available. The XFR was first announced in 2009 at the International Auto Show in Detroit. It featured a new 5.0 liter supercharged AJ-V8 generation III engine, a revision to the front bumper and the spoiler and 20 inch alloy wheels.

There was a special police car version of the XF released in 2009 to be used by the UK police departments. The emergency vehicle was equipped with a light bar mounted to the roof, blue and white strobe lights in the grill as well as blue flashing LED lights on the side.

The XF Sportbrake has been around since 2012. This model offers a loading capacity of 550 liters. There is an extended roof line that increases the amount of headroom by 1.9 inches.

The latest model was introduced in 2013 and is the XFR-S. This model has wider front grills that improve the aerodynamic efficiency.

Overall, the sales of the XF have averaged between 20,000 to 30,000 models sold each year. The price for this vehicle ranges from $50,000 to over $60,000.

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