Jaguar Q-type Review & Ratings: Design, Features, Performance, Specifications ...

Jaguar Q-type Review & Ratings

Jaguar Q-type – The Car Manufacturer Goes SUV

Set to be released for the 2016 model year (meaning it could hit the car lots in 2015), the Jaguar Q type is a revolutionary SUV that aims to blur the lines between luxury and off road performance.

Some call it a crossover while others lean towards the more traditional full sized SUV terminology, but this is definitely a bigger cat than Jags of the past, either way you look at it. This is the first non-car model ever released by Jaguar, and a lot is still left up to speculation, seeing as it hasn’t been released yet.

Release Date Details

Aimed to launch on either a 2016 or 2017 model year (or later, if the powers that be decide to delay the launch of this model), the Q type might not even be called the “Q type”. Although this was the name originally given to the model by Jaguar, there are possible copyright conflict issues with other car manufacturers that could potentially force Jaguar to name the Q type something entirely different. Only time will tell if this is the name they end up sticking with, or if they have to go in an entirely different direction altogether.

Model Details

As the first off road capable vehicle launched by this manufacturer, Jaguar has its work cut out for it when it comes to designing the details that will make this vehicle handle off the pavement. The vehicle itself is based on a sedan platform straight from Jag’s lineup, so that makes the job even more difficult to accomplish.

Without being released yet, nobody knows exactly how this vehicle will perform, but Jaguar does have a solid reputation for producing some of the best automobiles around, so we can only hope they carry out this tradition to overcome everything ahead of them. With some work, this car could easily compete with its rivals, like Range Rover and the much lower priced Jeep Wrangler, when it comes to off road capabilities.

We know already this SUV will be propelled by one of the many engines in Jaguar’s existing lineup, but the exact engine options remain a mystery. Most people suspect there will be a standard 6 cylinder gasoline engine along with some diesel options, possibly including a 6 cylinder diesel and likely a 4 cylinder diesel (which will still provide adequate torque to move such a large SUV, despite a lack of displacement).

One thing we know for sure based on company announcements made thus far is that the transmission will be an 8 speed auto, and that’s the only choice you have with this car. Hybrid announcements have been vague, but it does seem as if this model might have a plug-in option, allowing you to travel a limited number of miles on purely electric propulsion (which could be supplied from a power outlet in your home, solar power, or from recharging via the gas engine while cruising on the highway).

What You Need to Know

Obviously, nobody knows exactly what to expect from this model until the official announcements have been made. But if you’re looking for luxury with the capabilities of an off road vehicle, this is something to keep an eye on. Read the official reviews before you place your orders, as Jaguar definitely has something to prove in this area, being a car manufacturer for their entire existence, but if they do it right, this SUV is sure to amaze.

In the 2016 or 2017 model year we’ll all know for sure how well it will perform. Until then, all we can do is take our best guesses.

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