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Iveco Daily Review & Ratings

If there is a vehicle that has captured the light commercial transportation arena, then it must be the Iveco Daily. Conceivably, the Iveco Daily is one of the best delivery and diesel engine vans in the market. Though some models of the Iveco Daily are not very comfortable, the vans always deliver on their end of the bargain, which is transportation. Due to its unique features and efficiency in light commercial transportation, the Iveco Daily was named as the Best Large Panel Van in 2013 by the One of the reasons why Iveco Daily vans stands tall as a unique and distinct van from other conventional heavy van, is because it all the models are based on a truck framework and they don’t have a front wheel drive The Iveco Daily models are available in three version; the Daily, Daily Plus and Daily Top. However, there are other versions that mirror trades such as the towing pack, which tailored to suit the construction industry.


The Iveco Daily has stood the test of time, perfected every new generation model and come out victorious. The first-generation model of the Iveco Daily was manufactured in 1978. The vans were initially sold as Fiat daily until 1983. The second-generation vans, which were manufactured between 1990 and 2000, introduced a new era for this car model. These second-generation vans were revamped and had well-judged modifications. In 1999, Iveco Daily made history as the first commercial vehicle to be fitted with the common-rail injection. The generational modification of the Iveco Daily has continued to sour and now the sixth generation is out. Compared to the older generation Iveco Daily vans, the new generations have become faster, elegant in design and decently comfortable.


The specifications of the Iveco Daily Vans in the new models continue to border on load efficiency and driver comfort. With driver comfort, the newer models of Iveco Daily have capitalized on safety and accessibility, which has seen more comfortable seats in these vans. The first feeling you get when you sit on the new Iveco Daily model is the feeling of quality. The new models come with a 3.0iter intercooler turbo-diesel engine. The engine also stacks favorably at 151kW and 470nM of torque. In order to meet the EEV standards, these vans’ engines are equipped with a variable geometry turbo. Depending on what floats your boat, the new models come with a new six-speed automatic or six-speed manual gearbox. When it comes to looks, there are new generational versions of the Iveco Daily are decently cute with their big and squared off appearance. The new design also created room for the installation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tanks.

Safety and security

There is also a fine-tuned safety and security measure on the Iveco Daily. The new generation van comes with fog cornering lights that help in improving visibility. Other safety features include Roll over Management (ROM), Active Load Control (LAC), and Trailer Stability Management (TSM). The modern version of the Iveco Daily is installed with ultrasound parking sensors that ensure safety when the driver is parking in tight places.


The Iveco Daily made a name for itself as an imposing beat in light commercial transportation. The payload capability of the new vans run from a respectable 1,005kg and 4,140kg.

Space and Comfort

Due the utilitarian attributes of the Iveco Daily, the newer version seats have been improved to offer comfort. The car is also spacious especially on the drivers end, and this allows versatility on the steering wheel. The rear doors open at a 1250mmm width and 1990mm height hence loading and offloading in a Iveco Daily is made easier. With the comfortable driver’s seat and the well-positioned gearshift, the driver has a good driving position.

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