Honda Logo Review & Ratings: Design, Features, Performance, Specifications ...

Honda Logo Review & Ratings

There are some cars that you see on the road constantly even though they went out of production a few decades ago. Some cars still being mentioned today even though you have not spotted one on the road since you were able to walk, and then there’s the Honda Logo.

Initially a super-mini produced between 1996 and 2001, the Honda Logo, sadly, did not pass the test of time.


Work began on the Honda Logo in 1996 and it was designed by Honda to be one of the top super-minis on the market. It initially hit the Asian market, finding a stable place and defining itself as one of the better selling super-minis. However, shortly after that it was marketed in the EU as being a cheaper and more reliable alternative to the minis that were available, like the Mini and the Beetle, and then marketed in the U.S. that is when it more or less met its downfall.


The Honda Logo comes with a surprisingly powerful engine for a super-mini: a 1.3 liter SOHC 16 valve 4 cylinder engine which provides the little car with enough power to take you wherever you need to go.

Safety and Security

Security and safety are some of the biggest factors that we look into when buying a car. The problem with the Honda Logo is the fact that it is more or less stuck in the late 90s in that respect.

You will only find them second hand and the vast majority will not have airbags, power steering or power brakes.

The lamps that are available are average as well and this car model offers next to no crash and shock absorption. It is indeed an average car, lost in the mire of obscurity.

Space and Comfort

The Honda logo is quite a small car in a sense where if you had tall friends, and maybe one of them went to the gym, and you owned a Honda Logo, you might consider getting other friends.

The front seats are ok when it comes to space. Both the driver and the passenger are able to sit comfortably and enjoy the road.

The back seat is a different story however: the rear passengers being more or less trapped into a confined space, not really being able to travel long distances without their lower backs locking up.

Quality and value

Ironically, this is one of the very few points where it shines.

It is not a beautiful car by any means , it is not spacious, it is not ground breaking when it comes to performance, but just like any person that ever owned a Honda Logo will tell you, these cars were dirt cheap to buy, they cost nothing to maintain and you never felt bad if something happened to it.

Replacement parts are dirt cheap and plenty of them can be found without much effort.


Not much can be said here about the Honda Logo.

It was a small car, with limited space, limited performance and a limited range. The thing that was not limited however, was the fun that people had driving it.

That’s right, the Honda Logo was a tremendous amount of fun, not to drive, but rather to use and abuse on the road, for your own pleasure.

Perfect for teenagers that are just starting to learn how to drive, without much investment or regrets if you, as a parent, got a phone call from your son / daughter informing you that they are alright, but the car is totaled beyond recognition.

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