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Honda Dio Review & Ratings

The Honda Dio is a scooter that was introduced in Japan in 1988. It is currently produced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company. Honda Motor Company is a publically traded multinational company, founded in 1937 making machine parts.

The company eventually made its first motorcycle in 1949. It has been the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles since 1959. Honda Motor Company made its first automobile in 1963, which was a small pick-up truck. Honda was also the first car company to release a dedicated luxury brand, the Acura in 1986.

From 1988 to 2000 the Dio was made by Honda in Japan and exported to the UK as the Honda Lead. Since 2001 the scooter has been produced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India which was founded in 1999 and is based in Haryana, India. It is currently the fourth automotive subsidiary in India for Honda Motor Company.

Being a scooter, the Dio is smaller than a motorcycle and all of its parts are fully enclosed, giving a quieter ride. They also have built-in storage space and smaller wheels than motorcycles. The classic scooter has a step-through frame and a floorboard for the driver’s feet.

The Dio in India has a six liter gas tank: the Japan version has a four liter tank. Later models of the scooter come with both a kick start and an electric self-start.


The Honda Dio costs about $7,500.00 US dollars, on average.

Engine Options

The scooter comes with a 110 cc (6.7 cu in) SOHC (single overhead cam) 4-stroke engine.

Transmission Options

The Dio has a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

Size and Space Options

The Dio seats two passengers comfortably and has eighteen liters of storage space under the seat.

Control Panel and Display

The scooter has a textured, round driver display for fuel and speed, though the fuel gauge could be larger so it is easier to read.


The new updated extra wide seat is more comfortable for longer trips.


The Honda Dio is available in most large markets worldwide.

Security Systems

There are optional anti-theft alarm systems and ignition locks available for the Dio.

Safety Options

Because of its smaller engine and wider footprint, the scooter is a safer option than a larger and more powerful motorcycle. The more efficient braking system ensures smoother stops, even under heavy braking.

Interior Options


Exterior Options

The scooter has a large front headlight and tapering rear tail lights. The color is a mix of flat black and a choice of four complimentary colors.


Available accessories include a black seat cover which is easy to clean, a black or stainless steel guard kit which protects from nicks and scratches, and grip covers that include a smooth grip and a textured grip. Both come in black.


Made by Honda, the Dio is a good quality scooter with an affordable price. The newer engine has better fuel economy so it will save money at the gas pump. It is a sturdy yet lightweight scooter with a smooth ride.


With its sleek design of edgy panels and sharp lines, bright colors against cool black, and peppy engine the scooter is a favorite among teens and college students.


The Dio is a great value for what it offers at its price point.

Our Verdict

The Honda Dio is a great choice of scooter for college students and teens. Parents can feel comfortable with the cost, fuel efficiency, and safety offered by this vehicle while young people will love the look and ride.

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