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Honda CRV Review & Ratings

The Honda CRV was introduced to the market in 1995. It is a compact SUV or Crossover as called in North America. There are some discrepancies as to what CRV actually stands for. The sales literature from Honda released in the United Kingdom has references to “compact recreational vehicle.”

The CRV was first produced by the company at their plant located in Sayama, Japan as well as in Swindon, in the United Kingdom. It was made at these two locations for markets worldwide. Manufacturing sites were added in North America later on. It was added to the East Liberty, Ohio site in the year 2007, the El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico site in the late part of 207, and to the Alliston, Ontario plant in Canada in the year 2012.

The CRV is the smallest of the SUVs offered by Honda other than the Element that is sold in the United States and in Canada.


The first generation of the CRV was introduced in the year 1995 in Japan. It was the first SUV that was designed in house by the Honda Company. Hiroyuki Kawase was the designer of the vehicle. It was first introduced in Japan in the dealerships located at Honda Verno and was considered as a luxury vehicle in the country because of the width dimensions of the exterior that exceeded the dimension regulations from the Japanese government. In North America, it was displayed at the Chicago Auto Show in the year 1996. It started being sold in the North American market in 1997.

When it was first introduced there was only a single trim level available. This trim level was called the LX. The CRV received a facelift from 1999 through 2001. The body style stayed the same as that of the first generation, but some of the complaints about the engine were addressed. The engine was changed to a 2.0 liter B20Z engine that produced 147 horsepower. The fuel economy was improved to 23 miles per gallon.

Current Model

The current version of the Honda CRV is offered in 3 trim levels, the LX, the EX, and the EX-L. The LX, which is the base level is fairly well equipped while the other two trim levels get more luxury and convenience type features. The EX-L has the option of either a rear entertainment system or a navigational system, but you cannot get both equipped.

The interior of the latest CRV has been intelligently thought out and the ride is now quieter and more comfortable than ever. The steering and the handling of the vehicle remain as strong points, with the only shortcoming being that it lacks passing power in some situations.


The mission of the original CRV was quite simple, to provide an alternative vehicle to the mid and full sized SUVs that were on the market. The CRV provided a design based on a car, had a four cylinder engine that was economical, and became an instant hit. It was priced competitively and offers plenty of cargo space and room to meet most people’s needs. Since being first introduced it has seen strong sales numbers and consumer loyalty.

When it comes to a midlevel SUV, you cannot really go wrong with the Honda CRV. The acceleration of the vehicle is good enough when driving around town, but some people have found that it is a bit sluggish when passing or merging on gradients. For those who travel lightly and do not go down many steep roads and carry loads that are overly heavy, the CRV is a good choice of vehicle for the price.

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