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Honda CR-X Review & Ratings

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. is a multinational corporation known for automobiles, power equipment, and motorcycles that was first established in 1937. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles since 1959: they produce more that fourteen million combustion engines a year. Honda’s first automobile was the mini pick-up truck T360 in 1963. The Honda CR-X was produced from 1983 to 1991.

The car was originally sold as the Honda Civic CR-X outside of Japan: it was a small car holding only two passengers. The car was known for offering good gas mileage long before hybrid electric cars appeared on the auto market. The CR-X was given a chassis and structural overhaul in 1988 and in 1989 Honda added a VTEC engine.

By 1992 the Honda CR-X was replaced with the Civic del Sol, though in some markets it was still sold as a CR-X. The CR-X won Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year in 1984 and again in 1990. The CR-X is still a very popular car in motorsports, owing primarily to the wide availability of replacement parts.


Used, the Honda CR-X can be found for roughly $2,000.00, depending on mileage and condition.

Engine Options

Honda offered a range of engines for the CR-X including the D14A1 Inline-4, 1.6L 136hp Inline-4, 1.6L 130hp D16A9 Inline-4, 1.6L 140hp D16ZC Inline-4, and the 1.6L VTEC 150hp B16A1 Inline-4. There were also multiple engines available on US models, depending on the model year.

Transmission Options

CR-X transmissions were primarily available in 4-speed and 5-speed manual.

Size and Space Options

The CR-X was a compact sports car with seating for two passengers and a cargo area, with a hatchback. The headroom and legroom are adequate unless you’re a big person.

Control Panel and Display

The dashboard was a standard setup with fuel gauge, tachometer, and speedometer. It also included a manually operated radio.


The Honda CR-X came with comfortable vinyl bucket seats and general heating and cooling control.


The car was produced and marketed worldwide. It was considered to be such a fun and reliable car; you can find used CR-Xs virtually everywhere.

Security Systems

There were no standard security systems on the car, but it could be easily outfitted with an anti-theft alarm system.

Safety Options

As for safety, the seats of the car were equipped with three-point seatbelts, but no airbags. Some of the US models came equipped with side impact door panels.

Interior Options

Interior options included bucket seats, a center console, AM/FM stereo, floor mats, and cup holders.

Exterior Options

Limited models such as the DX offers automatic transmissions while Si models came with a power sunroof. Some models came with different wheel sizes; although, spoilers were optional.


Additional accessories for the Honda CR-X included seat covers and floor mats.


There have been issues with turn radius and brakes wearing out sooner than expected, but overall the quality of the Honda CR-X is quite good. It was sturdily built and is very popular on the racing circuit, primarily for its durability.


The CR-X is a sleek and sporty car with a good-looking profile that is still very popular to drive.


For the money you can spend on a used CR-X, the car is a great value. It was built with fuel economy in mind, and due to the wide availability of parts, it’s easy to maintain.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Honda CR-X is a reliable little car with great gas mileage. While not a good family car due to its compact size, if you are single, then the CR-X is a great choice.

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