Honda Civic Review & Ratings

Since first being introduced on the market in the year 1973, the Honda Civic has been one of the best-selling compact cars on the American market. The success of the vehicle stems from its history of being one of the most reliable vehicles on the road combined with its low running costs. It also provides consumers with great fuel economy and an engaging performance.


Honda had a time frame where they developed several vehicles that were not well received. This included the Honda 1300. After this, the company considered getting out of the manufacturing of automobiles altogether in the early part of the 1970s. In 1972, the company released the Civic and everything changed. The Civic, thanks to its reliability, economy, and low cost, during a time when fuel prices were on the rise, made the vehicle a popular choice. The CVCC technology from Honda made the vehicle affordable and met the emissions standards set in the 70s and 80s without using the expensive catalytic converter.

The first generation of the Honda Civic was first introduced in the year 1972, but it was sold as a 1973 model. It had a 4 cylinder water cooled engine and featured vinyl bucket seats that reclined, power disc brakes, a dashboard outlined with wood trim, and the option for air conditioning as well as a radio. The first Civics was available as either a 3 or 5 door hatchback, a coupe, or a station wagon with 5 doors.

The oil crisis of 1973 increased consumer demand for a vehicle that was fuel efficient and since the Civic could run using both leaded and unleaded fuel, it provided drivers with flexibility. In the year 1975, the CVCC engine was debut and offered a more efficient combustion and because of this the Civic did not need unleaded fuel or the catalytic converter in order to meet any of the EPA emission standards for 1975.

In the year 1976, the Honda Civic was joined in a platform expansion to include a new 3 door hatchback that was called the Honda Accord.

Current Model

The Honda Civic received a redesign just a year ago and then was refreshed in the latest model year. The interior quality of the vehicle has been greatly improved and there have been several standard features added. The exterior styling has been tweaked and the suspension was retuned along with the steering to provide improved handling.

It is currently available as either a sedan or a coupe and the main trim levels include the DX, the LX, the EX, EX-L. The base model has a large number of standard features including Bluetooth technology, rearview camera, and Pandora radio. From there, the standard features only improve ending with the EX-L that is lined with leather. In addition, there is a natural gas sedan available as well as a hybrid sedan. The high fuel efficiency model is available as well and offers several gas saving features such as tweaks to the aerodynamics as well as low roll resistant tires.


The latest version of the Honda Civic has not received as high of reviews as its predecessors. However, it is still recommended because of the clever interior design, the large number of models that are available, and the great reputation of the brand. For those who are looking for a smaller car, the Civic is still one of the best choices as the long run in the market and the large number of models available makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

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