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Honda Accord Review & Ratings

The Honda Accord has been manufactured by Honda since the year 1976. There are very few cars over the past 30 years that have gained as much respect in the United States as the Accord. This respect does not come from the vehicle being glamorous, sporty, or sexy. Instead, each and every year the vehicle offers exactly what Americans are looking for when it comes to their daily driver. The Honda Accord is easy to drive, comfortable, and has intelligent engineering. When you research the Accord you will find that it is backed by an extremely solid reputation for being reliable. It has a very strong resale value and emphasizes safety.


The first generation of the Accord was launched in May of 1976. It was a 3 door hatchback style vehicle. It was first designed as a platform expansion of the Civic. It was fitted with the CVCC technology in order to meet the emission standards that were enacted in Japan. The first generation of the Accord sold well because of its great fuel economy combined with the moderate size.

The Honda Accord was one of the first sedans offered from Japan that had features such as a tachometer, cloth seats, an AM/FM radio, and intermittent wipers, offered as standard equipment.

An LX hatchback was added to the lineup in 1978. This version came with a digital clock, air conditioning, and had power steering.

In the year 1977, 78 in the United States market, the company added a four door sedan to the lineup. An optional 2 speed semiautomatic transmission was added as an option in the year 1980. In the previous years it only came with a fully automatic gearbox. The versions sold in North America had a bumper trim that was slightly redesigned. Some of the other changes included new tail lamps and new grilles. There were also remote chrome mirrors added to the 4 door and the LX models.

The SE model was added to the lineup in 1981. It offered power windows and leather seats. The base model hatchback, the 4 door LX and the four door SE each had a small mirror made out of black plastic. The instrument cluster was redesigned to have mostly pictograms. These replaced the warning lights that were worded as well as the gauge markings.

Current Honda Accord

Currently, the Honda Accord is offered either as a coupe or a sedan. There are several trim levels available. The trim levels include the base LX, which is for the sedan version only, the sport, which is for the sedan only, the luxury EX, a leather lined EX-L, and the navigation and leather equipped EX-L that has navigation and a fully loaded touring trim.

The standard feature for the base trim includes climate control, rearview camera, Honda Link system that allows you to connect to audio streaming and to social media and to both android and iPhone applications. Some of the upper level trims include features such as heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and keyless entry and ignition.

On almost every trim the standard transmission is a 6 speed manual. However, most of the Accords that are found will have a variable automatic transmission fitted to them.


Overall, the Honda Accord is a popular vehicle choice for many reasons. It has a great fuel economy and the interior is comfortable and quite roomy. It offers a firm ride, which may not be ideal for those who may be used to a softer ride that is found in a family coupe or sedan. The Accord is known for being quite reliable and makes a great every day car.

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