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Ford Transit Review & Ratings

The Ford Transit refers to a series of vehicles that have been produced by the Ford Motor Company since the year 1965. The Transit has been sold primarily in a cargo version, but it is also made as a passenger van that has been marketed as a Tourneo since the year 1995. The transit series includes a cutaway van chassis, a minibus, and a pickup truck. There have been more than seven million transits produced over 4 platform generations. The series made its debut in 1965 with new generations being introduced in the years 1986, 2000, and again in 2013.

The Transit was the first product from the Ford of Europe merge and was marketed in Australia and throughout Western Europe. At the end of the 20th century, the Transit was marketed throughout the world except in the United States and Canada. For more than 40 years, the Transit has been the best selling of the light commercial vehicles that are offered. In some areas the term Transit is now commonly used to refer to any type of light commercial van that is in the same size bracket. While it was first designed for the European market, it is now made in North America, Europe, and Asia for buyers throughout the world.


The actual first of the production Fords that had the Transit badge was built in the Cologne plant that is located in Germany. In the year 1953 it was introduced as the FK 1000 and had a 1.3 liter inline 4 engine. In the year 1955, the engine capacity was increased to 1.5 liters. From the year 1961 on, the van was called a Ford Taunus Transit. The production of this particular model stopped in the year 1965.

The vehicle made in Germany was not exported widely and the tag Mark 1 has been applied commonly to the 1965 through the 1978 British versions. There have been 4 Transit platforms since the year 1965, the different upgrades and facelifts throughout the years have been referred to as using a number of different “Mark” numbers. There are some sources that will count a facelift to the model as being a new “mark” and some of the sources that do not count the facelifts. In the historical outlook from the Ford Motor Company when looking back at the history of the production of the Transit, which was published after the launch of the model released in 1994, the issue is avoided as the generations of the Transit are listed as the years produced.

Current Model

The latest Ford Transit was just redesigned for the year 2014 and is currently available with 2 wheel bases. When compared to the Transit Connect, which was the previous version of the vehicle, the smaller wheel base is 6.7 inches shorter and the other wheel base is 9.1 inches longer. Each of the new versions has a height that is roughly seven inches shorter. This means that people that are taller are not going to be able to move around the back as easily.

In addition to having new wheel base offerings there is also a cargo and passenger wagon body style choice available. There are three trim levels available. The Titanium is trim is only available for the wagon and the other 2 trim levels, the base XL and the midlevel XLT are available for both.

Standard features include vinyl upholstery, air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, power doors and windows, and a 2 speaker sound system that includes an auxiliary audio jack. The wagon offers both 2nd and 3rd row seating as well as a center console.

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