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Ford Galaxy Review & Ratings

One look at the Ford Galaxy, regardless of the color, the tint, the rims or any other flashy accessory, and it will start to dawn on you that you’re looking at an MPV and you are thinking of buying it.

The reasons for buying an MPV are 2. You either have 3 small kids, or you really need the extra space. It’s kind of hard to place the MPV on any one category: it’s like a van, but smaller, or like a sedan, but bigger. Overall, it is not at all exciting and neither is it a thrill to drive.

The true reason behind its existence can be found somewhere else, where very few people tend to venture off in their minds.


The Ford Galaxy is not a legacy car by any means. It was been designed in the 90s originally and from its very creation it was not exactly a big hit, but rather one of those cars that was bought only when necessary.

It has had 2 revamps over time and Ford kept trying to reinvent it. However, trying to revamp an MPV is like trying to count the corners in a circle, it just won’t happen regardless of how much effort you put into it.


The Ford Galaxy was designed to essentially be a people carrier, a classic MPV, and as such it comes with all the comforts of an MPV.

It offers a huge amounts of space, being able to fit up to 7 people without sacrificing any space to do so.

The engine is an interesting one. You can choose between the 2.3 liter and 2.8 liter V6 petrol engines or you can go for the Diesel 1.9 TDI alternative.

Safety and Security

You need not worry about safety and security when it comes to an MPV, especially the Ford Galaxy.

It comes equipped with everything needed to keep the family safe. Airbags in every single conceivable place, strong seatbelts, power tearing, power brakes, shock absorption padding and above all else, low driving speeds.

Space and Comfort

Space is something that the Ford Galaxy does not lack. It comes built and designed around the idea of a family of 7 being able to fit without having any issue whatsoever regarding leg or head room.

It comes with a lot of baggage space, basically enough space to store all the necessary luggage for a family that is going on a rather long vacation. It can even be used to comfortably sleep in if you go camping in the great outdoors.

It has proved to be quite useful in hauling cargo or construction material, not like a proper van, but rather small quantities for personal use.

Great for those moments when a friend or a relative phones you throughout the day asking you to help them transport the furniture from their living room across town.

Quality and value

This is where the Ford Galaxy truly shines. It is rather boring to look at, it does not offer the most exciting driving experience and it will not make you feel proud but you will be getting exactly what you are paying for: a good, reliable, safe and enduring MPV.


It's got to be said, when it comes to practicality, the Ford Galaxy comes out on top. It is able to carry people, furniture, heavy loads and even construction materials if needed.

It can handle off-road terrain to a certain extent and it can pull its own weight in any situation or setting.

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