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Ford Escort Review & Ratings

It is not often that you find a car that can easily perform both as a sports car and a family car at the same time. Dubbed “The Suburban Supercar”, the Ford Escort took both to the streets and to the race tracks at the same time, winning heavy titles both on the tarmac and on the rally tracks.

It was built by Ford in order to satisfy the growing demands of both young teenagers who wanted a cool sporty car that they can cruise and have fun in and their parents who wanted a safe, practical car for both themselves and their kids.


The Ford Escort has had a rather bumpy ride over the years. True, it was a very desirable car; however, its own design concept held it back from reaching a popular status amongst car enthusiasts at the very beginning.

The first Ford Escort, the MK1, came out in the early 1960s, and on the track the Ford Escort was at home, scoring impressive victories in the GT cups, as well as the rally circuits, and soon after that the RS version of the MK1 became one of the most desired and best sold cars in both the US and the EU.


The traditional Ford Escort came in 3 different body types: the sedan, the coupé and the wagon; however, in the late 1990s, Ford decided to drop the wagon body type in favor of the other 2.

With the new generation of Ford Escorts comes a new engine designed by Ford together with Cosworth, making the Ford Escort break the tradition of borrowing engines from other models and finally having one of its own with 3 different rages on gas and 2 on diesel, with an extra supercharged version coming in at a slightly elevated price range.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, the Escort can be found in a rather interesting debate. The Escort does not boast any ground-breaking features that similar models don’t already have. However, when it comes to safety, the Ford Escort is grinning ear to ear. It’s aerodynamic, able to handle sharp turns while giving the driver the control that he needs, in order to make even the slightest of adjustments.

Space and Comfort

The Ford Escort has been defined “The small car that isn’t”, meaning that even though it might look like a small car, it is actually quite roomy and quite comfortable, as soon as you set foot in it. It has enough head and leg room for tall drivers and passengers and the boot of the car is spacious enough to fit the luggage of a small family.

Quality and value

Keeping in mind that the Ford Escort was designed for teenagers and possibly young adults, it is sufficient to say that the quality and overall value of the car is not an issue to begin with.

It is sturdy and capable of handling impressive impacts without putting the life or health of the driver and passengers at risk.

Replacement parts can be found commonly and they are not too expensive, while the maintenance costs are small to begin with.


The Ford Escort is a practical car, up to a certain extent. Indeed, it is not a family car, but rather a car in which you can hop in with your friends and go to the beach, go shopping, or even help one of your friends move. It is ok when it comes to carrying groceries, luggage, or for general use in the city. It will not actually handle itself well if used as a utility vehicle or in rugged terrain and conditions.

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