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Ford Edge Review & Ratings

There are not many SUVs out there that can come close to calling themselves elegant.

Most SUV manufacturers are going for the traditional big, bulky, proper utility vehicle able and willing to brave the harshest of terrains and get to those remote places.

Not Ford though. Although they have their fair share of beasty SUVs, they can also provide a more urban friendly alternative such as the Ford Edge.

The ford Edge is basically an edge in urban SUVs, bringing all the space, comfort, utility and safety of an SUV in a nice and neat urban friendly package.


Production of the Ford Edge started in 2006 and ever since it hit the dealerships in 2007, it has been a fairly successful seller.

It has always been preferred over other SUVs because of the overall feel that the Ford Edge gives as well as the comfort that it brings to the table.


The Ford Edge offers a fair share of specs when buying it as well as a few upgrades if the buyer wishes in the future.

It features 3 engines: the 3496 CC Duratec 35 V6, the 3721 CC Duratec 37 V6 and the 1999 CC Ecoboost I4 which is perfectly adapted to urban and off-road life.

With these levels of power, Ford also implemented some balancing elements in there as well. The chassis is designed so that it does not bend while driving and a stiff suspension keeps it leveled and able to negotiate tight corners at rather impressive speeds.

It is also fully equipped to deal with off-road conditions as well and with the onboard computer that it sports, it is able to balance itself out and adapt mechanically to difficult terrain.

Safety and Security

The Ford Edge is an SUV, that is a given. However, it is one of the safest SUVs ever manufactured.

Indeed Ford went all out when designing the Edge. They gave it crumple zones, shock absorption areas and flexible support beams making it able to absorb impact without warping the pillars and still being able to safely open the doors.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety uses a crash-tested Ford Edge to demonstrate proper crash safety design.

Just by looking at it you notice that it looks like a tank and rightfully so because it is more or less a tank. It can withstand some brutal punishment and some rather unforgiving impacts.

Space and Comfort

The Ford Edge is a spacious vehicle.

It is able to fit the driver and 4 passengers with ease, provide a lot of leg and head room and allowing the passengers as well as the driver to stretch out without hitting things.

Another thing to notice regarding the Ford Edge is the fact that the boot is big enough to fit all the luggage required for an extensive camping trip and still have room left for a dog to sit.

Quality and value

The Ford Edge is not a shoddy vehicle at all. It has one of the best safety designs and some of the best quality engineering has gone into creating this SUV.

It will get you where you are going and it will take you there safely. It will transport your family in safety and comfort and it will help you haul luggage, furniture and construction material without a problem regardless of the conditions.


The Ford Edge is a very practical car. It can handle itself quite well both in the city and off-road, reaching places that other SUVs simply cannot, while the driver and passengers ride in style and comfort.

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