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Ford B-Max Review & Ratings

There comes a time in a man’s life when he looks at an MPV, then turns around, looks at his 3 children, 1 of which is trying to figure out what is going on, his enthralled wife, and says to himself “It’s alright”.

That is a rather accurate description of what is going on with regular MPVs, but not with the Ford B-Max.

The Ford B-Max is a bit different, indeed it is an MPV, but a rather exciting MPV for once.


There is not much that can be said about the Ford B-Max. It is too new to even have a history.

It was developed by Ford to be the new edge in MPV design, countering the traditional amount of boredom initially associated with MPVs with a bit of excitement.


The Ford B-Max is an MPV, but it is a rather compact MPV, and in order to maintain interior space and comfort, the guys at Ford had to cut down on the size of the engine.

The 3 engines that it comes with are the 1.0 liter Ecoboost, the 1.4 Duratec and the 1.2 Diesel. All 3 of them even though small are able to power this MPV to its maximum potential.

The dashboard is a rather space age videogame looking one, with everything clumped up in the middle, just like you would expect to see on the controllers of the next generation of videogame consoles.

One of the most interesting features that it comes with is sliding rear doors. This makes reaching inside and untangling toddlers from the back seat while in a tightly parking space a breeze, as well as allowing for more mobility and accessibility overall.

Safety and Security

The Ford B-Max is classified as a mini-MPV, but it is still an MPV at its roots. This means that it was designed to be one of the safes vehicles on the road to date and the flurry of safety options that the buyer can choose from is a testament to that.

It comes standard with power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, ergonomic seats, frontal airbags and shock absorbing crumple zones.

The buyer can choose extra options like side airbags, roll bars, etc but even without all of these additions at the base of it all, it is a very safe car to drive.

Space and Comfort

It was designed to carry people, and that it does quite successfully. It is able to fit the driver and 4 other passengers without a problem with a lot of room left to stretch.

The driver has adequate room and accessible controls giving him the comfort and the means to relax while driving.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that the Ford B-Max is a people carrier, meaning that it was designed with the idea of ton of space for people to sit in.

Quality and value

This particular MPV is a rather interesting beast in this category. It is a quality vehicle, it requires little maintenance for an MPV and the price tag is rather low for an MPV as well.

The only hiccups that you may encounter would be the spare parts: which are not exactly easy to find and neither are they cheap to begin with.


The Ford B-Max is a practical vehicle especially with those sliding rear doors. It is able to carry big, heavy loads and people to their destination without any issue.

Just imagine having to put in or take out one of those special toddler seats while in a tight parking space, and you will instantly start liking those rear sliding doors.

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