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Fiat Seicento Review & Ratings

The Fiat Seicento is a mini, or subcompact, car produced by Fiat from 1998 to 2010. Fiat was founded in Italy in 1899 and by 1910 it became the largest automaker in Italy, a position it still holds today. Fiat has absorbed other automakers over the years, including Jeep, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, and Ram Trucks.

The Seicento is based on the Fiat Punto and was the successor to the Cinquecento, retaining the chassis, engines, and general dimensions, but with a slightly longer length. The Seicento also kept the three-door hatchback design instead of moving to the five-door design that was common among other mini automobiles. Between 1998 and 2004 over one million cars had been produced from Fiat’s plant in Poland.

Unfortunately, the car did not do well in EuroNCAP (a test program founded in 1997 to test the safety of automobiles sold in Europe) crash tests and barely beat some of the worst cars tested. There have been a few different versions of the Seicento that came in over the years, including a battery-electric car called the Elettra. Although production ceased in 2010, the car’s successors include the Fiat 500 and the Fiat Panda.


Pre-owned Seicentos can range anywhere from $12,000.00 to $19,000.00 US dollars, depending on model year, mileage, and condition. It’s also perhaps mention-worthy that car parts are widely available.

Engine Options

There were three engines used in the Seicento—0.9 Liter Inline-4 gasoline, 1.1 Liter Inline-4 gasoline, and 30 kW/40 horsepower electric engine.

Transmission Options

The Seicento has a 4-speed manual transmission.

Size and Space Options

The car is a three-door hatchback with enough space for seating for four; the dimensions of the car don’t afford much space, head or leg room.

Control Panel and Display

The dashboard is stripped-down and utilitarian, with the basics for fuel and speed.


Cloth sport seats and air conditioning afford some comfort, but the car’s size makes it uncomfortable for long road trips.


The car was widely available throughout Europe. You’ll easily find a pre-owned Seicento.

Security Systems

Anti-theft alarm systems aren’t standard but could be added for additional cost.

Safety Options

The Seicento has three-point seatbelts, airbags, central locking of doors and windows, and anti-lock brakes.

Interior Options

Interior options on the Seicento include air conditioning, audio system with CD player, cloth seats, folding rear seats, manual sunroof, and front electric windows.

Exterior Options

Exterior options on the car include front fog lights, LED headlights and rear tail lights, steel wheels, space saver spare wheel, metallic paint colors, body colored bumpers, and optional alloy wheels.


Available accessories include floor mats, mud flaps, and cup holders.


The Seicento was built with quality materials. Fiat is a company known for quality automobiles.


The Seicento is a small car good for city driving and parking and is seen as an affordable alternative to other cars in the same category.


Considering the problems with the Seicento, the cost seems a bit too high for this particular car.

Our Verdict

The Fiat Seicento is a mini that tries to fit two rows of seats. The car is cramped and doesn’t have much storage space in the back. The add-on frills package, however, is inspiring. The Seicento failed the EuroNCAP safety test, and its performance has been lackluster.

Overall, the Fiat Seicento is not the best car to own, unless you live in the city and won’t be using your car on a regular basis. There are other cars in the same category that score better on safety and handling, as well as reliability.

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