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Fiat Qubo Review & Ratings

The Fiat Qubo is a compact MPV produced by Fiat. Fiat Group was founded in Italy in 1899, and by the 1910 it had become the largest automobile maker in Italy—a position it still holds today.

Fiat has a history of not only building cars, but also producing military vehicles, aircraft, farm tractors, and railway engines. In 2013 Fiat was the second-largest producer of automobiles by volume in Europe. Over the years Fiat has acquired other automakers– including Lancia, Chrysler, Maserati, Ferrari, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo.

The car first went into production in 2008 after being introduced at the International Auto Show in Paris. The car is a derivative of a light commercial vehicle with a small modular platform: it is made for personal use. The Qubo is very distinctive in its look with a prominent front bumper and flat rear clamshell door. The car has a high roofline and twin sliding doors. The engine choices include gasoline and diesel, as well as a natural gas engine.

The Qubo boasts very good fuel economy with low CO2 emissions, making it a popular vehicle with environmentally sensitive people. The car also comes equipped with Fiat’s ecoDrive system, which allows drivers to upload driving records directly to Fiat’s website to get practical tips on how to save fuel.


The Fiat Qubo costs, on average, anywhere from $17,500.00 to $21,200.00 US dollars, depending on available options packages that come with select models.

Engine Options

Engine options for the Qubo include 1.4L 8-valve Inline-4 gasoline engine, 1.4L Fire 8-valve Natural Power Inline-4 engine, and 1.3L Multijet 16-valve Inline-4 diesel engine.

Transmission Options

Transmission options include a five-speed manual and five-speed Dualogic automatic.

Size and Space Options

Due to the high roof line, there is loads of headroom in the Qubo. While the car has a small footprint, there is plenty of room in the cabin for five passengers with plenty of leg room. The maximum cargo capacity of the car is 2500 liters with the rear seats folded down.

Control Panel and Display

The dashboard is fairly straightforward with easy to read fuel and speed displays, and the center console is also easy to maneuver.


The Qubo offers a comfortable ride with a good suspension system and is enjoyable for long rides.


Fiat is a worldwide company and their cars are available in most markets.

Security Systems

The Qubo has standard remote locking, although the anti-theft alarm systems are available as an option for an additional cost.

Safety Options

The car contains three-point seatbelts, airbags, central window and door locking, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and electronic brakeforce distribution.

Interior Options

Interior options include height adjustable driver’s seat, power steering, sixteen different seat configurations, split folding and removable rear seat, air conditioning, audio system, leather steering wheel with audio controls, USB and auxiliary connectivity for music, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Exterior Options

Exterior Options include heated and electric side mirrors, fifteen-inch alloy wheels, rear window wiper, LED headlights and tail lights, and bold choice of colors.


Available accessories include floor mats, mud flaps, roof rack, and roof bike rack.


Fiat is known for its quality and that is evident in the Qubo. The materials are high quality and the car comes standard with features that are unexpected in this class of car. The car is also very reliable.


With sleek styling and bold colors and design, the Qubo has a broad appeal.


With all of the standard features and Qubo’s reliability, it’s a great car for the price. And the added fuel efficiency will translate into money saved at the gas pump.

Our Verdict

The Fiat Qubo is a fantastic little car with big punch. Large cabin space, comfort, great handling, and a smooth ride make this a great choice for a family car.

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