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Ferrari Enzo Review & Ratings

The Ferrari Enzo was named for the founder of the company, Enzo Ferrari. The vehicle is a 12 cylinder supercar that was built in the year 2002 using technology from Formula One. It has a carbon fiber body, an electrohydraulic shift transmission, as well as disc brakes made of carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide with a ceramic composite. There are also some other technologies used in the Enzo that are not used in an F1. These include traction control and active aerodynamics.

The V12 engine of the Ferrari Enzo is the first of Ferrari’s new generation. The V12 gets its basis from the V8 design that is found in the Maserati’s Quattroporte. The same basic design has been used and this will replace the past architectures that are found in the V12 and the V8 engines that are used in most of the other contemporary Ferraris.


The Enzo was created to commemorate the Ferrari company’s first title in Formula One for the new millennium. The vehicle was designed by Ken Okuyama who was the head designer for Pininfarina. The Enzo was first announced at the Paris Motor Show in the year 2002. There was a limited production of the vehicle with just 349 being made. The price for the Ferrari Enzo was $659,330 in the United States. Each of the 349 vehicles were sold before production was even started. A bit later, after many requests, there were 50 more of the Enzo were made, which brought the total to 399.

Under the Hood

The Ferrari Enzo has a front/back weight distribution and is a mid-engine vehicle. The engine of the vehicle is a F140 V12 with 4 valves in each cylinder, variable valve timing, dual overhead cams, and a variable valve timing.

There is a semi-automatic transmission which uses paddles in order to control shifting and the clutch mechanism. There are LED lights located on the steering column that tells the driver when he needs to change gears. The shift time is in milliseconds. The transmission of the vehicle is a clutchless design from the late part of the 1990s and many people have complained because of how abruptly it shifts.

The suspension is independent and there are push rod absorbers that can be adjusted while in the cabin. This is complimented with the anti-roll bars located in the front and back. It is equipped with 19 inch wheels and 15 inch disc brakes.

In as little as 6.6 seconds the Ferrari Enzo can reach over 100 miles per hour. It can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.14 seconds.

Other Vehicles Based on the Enzo

Since the Enzo was so popular, Ferrari decided to use some of the same technology in several of their other vehicles as well. At the core of this program is the Ferrari FXX. The FXX is based on a similar design to the Enzo and offers a fine tuned 6.3 liter version of the engine. It also has a new gearbox and different tires.

Another vehicle that mimics the Enzo is the P4/5. This vehicle was designed by Pininfarina and was backed by James Glickenhaus, who is a Ferrari collector from the United States. The P4/5 was to be an homage to the great sports racing cars made by Ferrari. It was first unveiled in Pebble Beach in the year 2006. It also appeared in the September version of the Car and Driver magazine. Once it was shown at the car show in Pebble Beach, it was then taken back to Europe for press days, and high speed testing.

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