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Dodge Magnum Review & Ratings

The Dodge Magnum name is used by several of the Dodge Vehicles. The most common vehicles associated with the name are the large coupe that was marketed by the company from the year 1978 through 1979 in the U.S. and the station wagon that offered rear wheel drive and was introduced in the year 2004 as a 2005 model. It was produced until the end of 2008 and was manufactured at the Brampton Assembly plant that is located around Toronto, Ontario, in Canada.


In the year 1978 and the year 1979, the Magnum in Canada and in the U.S. it was added to the line up of Chrysler vehicles. This was the vehicle that made it possible for Richard Petty to continue to race with a Mopar. It was sold in 2 different forms, the XE and GT. This was the last of the vehicles to use the Chrysler B platform, which had been around for many years.

The appearance of the Magnum was similar to a Charger that had been rounded off. This was done in order to make it more aerodynamic for use in Nascar races. Some of the styling features included 4 rectangular head lamps that were behind clear covers that were retractable. It also had thin opera windows and the option of a T bar or a power sunroof. It also had several great features including power brakes, steering, and seats.

Most Current Models

The most current of the Dodge Magnum models were sold from the year 2005 through the year 2008. When it was last seen at the Dodge dealership it came in 4 trim levels, the SE, the SXT, the R/T, and the SRT8. Each of these provided an increase in the standard equipment that was available as well as performance features.

The SE had a 200 hp V6 engine, which only provided adequate acceleration. Most drivers will prefer the 250 horsepower V6 that is found in the SXT or the 340 horsepower V8 that was found in the R/T. There was an even larger V8 found in the SRT8 that offered 425 horsepower. With each of the engines the standard transmission was an automatic.

While the standard for the Magnum was rear wheel drive, there was the option of an all-wheel drive available for the SXT and the RT models. The all-wheel drive wagons with the added amount of traction could work well for those that were looking for an alternative to an SUV.

When the Magnum first appeared on the market for the 2005 model year, the RWD and SXT models offered a 4 speed automatic transmission. This was upgraded to a 5 speed automatic transmission in the later part of 2006. The all-wheel drive versions of the SXT always used a 5 speed transmission. In the year 2007, there was an optional R/T performance group introduced and this added 10 more horsepower. Another update in the year 2008 included cabin materials that were a higher quality and an appearance that was more upscale.


The Dodge Magnum was praised by many for having an interior that was quite roomy and very comfortable. It also offered a useful amount of cargo space combined with a great performance. The fuel economy for the vehicle was quite low, but the V8 models were well equipped for cruising long distances as well as through towns. The handling capabilities were fairly composed on most of the higher trim levels.

There are still Dodge Magnums found on the road today. These vehicles were made quite well and offer a great choice for someone that is looking for an older, solid vehicle.

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