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Dodge Intrepid Review & Ratings

The Dodge Intrepid was produced from the year 1993 through the year 2004. It is a full sized car that was available in front wheel drive as a 4 door sedan. The Intrepid was related to the Chrysler LHS, Concorde, New Yorker, and the Eagle Vision as well as the 300 M sedans. The Concorde, Vision, and the Intrepid were designated as the LH, which was the codename given to the platform by Chrysler.

In Canada, the vehicle was sold as the Chrysler Intrepid. When it came out it replaced the Dodge Monaco in the United States and the Chrysler Dynasty in Canada as being the largest car made by Dodge.


The design of the Intrepid dates back to the year 1986. Kevin Verduyn finished the first exterior design for a new more aerodynamic concept sedan that was called the Navaho. This design did not get past a clay model stage.

It was around this same time that Chrysler bought Lamborghini, which was an Italian sports car manufacturer that was going broke. The exterior design of the Navajo was reworked to become the Lamborghini Portofino. This was released as a concept car at the Frankfurt Auto Show in the year 1987. The Lamborghini Portofino was considered a design triumph and this set in motion the decision by Chrysler to put into production a sedan that had the Portofino exterior design, which was called cab forward.

This cab forward design offered a windshield that was long and low slung and had overhangs that were relatively short. The tires were pushed into the corners that created a much bigger passenger cabin than most of the contemporary vehicles of the time.

Most Recent Version

The most recent version of the Intrepid was manufactured from the year 1998 through the year 2004. While the newer version kept the cabin forward theme, it also offered a more sleek style that was almost like a coupe. The engine upgrade to a V6 was a real improvement as well.

While the earlier versions were offered in 2 trims, a new trim was released in 2001. The earlier trims were the base model and the ES. The features of the base model included heated mirrors, air conditioning, as well as cruise control. The ES had added amenities such as power adjustable driver’s seats and keyless entry.

The R/T was added to the lineup in the year 2000 and this model was geared toward more performance oriented consumers. This version had traction control as well as a sport tuned suspension. In the year 2001, the base trim was the SE and in the year 2002 the SXT was offered as a mid-level trim. Those that purchased SXT were provided with the same engine that the R/T had, but the performance features were not included.


When it comes to car buyers, value is the concept that conquers all and when creating the Dodge Intrepid, the company new this and they carved out a cornerstone with the vehicle. The Intrepid was designed to offer a car that was priced affordably, but still offering a high end vehicle.

Fearless is the definition of Intrepid and this car delivers in this factor. The innovative cabin forward layout of the vehicle offers a sculpted look that made the Intrepid standout in what is really a bland segment of the car department.

Overall, practicality is the key to the overall success of the Intrepid. It seats 5 adults quite comfortably and also offers room for luggage. It has nimble handling and was also quite powerful. The athletic engine offers a value priced sports sedan in the family sedan styling.

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