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Citroen DS3 Review & Ratings

Citroen is a French vehicle manufacturer. The Citroen DS3 was produced by the company as a super mini and was officially launched in the year 2010. The DS3 is the first vehicle in the new DS range being offered by the company. This vehicle was hinted at with the concept car that was called the Citroen DS inside.

In the year 2010, Top Gear Magazine named the DS3 as the Car for the Year. It was also named as being the most efficient supermini by a satisfaction survey conducted in the United Kingdom.


The DS3 was revamped in the summer of the year 2011 by releasing a limited edition version of the vehicle. There was also a new color released as well as a new decal located on the roof. The new color that was offered was called brun hickory and it was a shade of dark brown. This color was also released for the bigger brother of the DS3 the DS4.

One of the strongest selling points of the DS3 is that the consumer has the option to personalize their vehicle when they order it by mixing body colors and roof colors, the decals, etc. The newest color released brings the number of total colors available up to 10.

In the year 2014, a mild facelift was given to the DS3. The newest version included a revised engine as well as a newer design for the LED headlamps in the top range of models. There is also a new BlueHDi diesel that has 2 states of tune available and offers a lower CO2 emission at just 79 grams per kilometer.


At the Geneva Motor Show in the year 2010, a DS3 racing model was introduced. This is a road version of the DS3 R3. It offers a 0 to 62 miles per hour time of just 6.5 seconds and the max speed is 146 miles per hour.

The Racing is only available in 2 colors, either a white that has gray accents or a black that has orange accents that includes the roof, interior, and the wheels. Besides the unique color scheme of the racing, the Racing model also uses real carbon fiber on the grill, splitter, rear diffuser, and the wheel arches. In addition, carbon fiber is a main feature in the interior.

In the year 2011, the company announced that they were going to make 2400 Racings, which was a lot more than the 1000 that were planned for originally.

In the fall of 2012, Citroen announced a DS3 RRC that was going to be intended for use in championships that are below the WRC. This includes the WRC-2, the European Rally Championships, the Middle East Championships, as well as some of the other national championships.

Both internally and visually the 2 models are different because the regulations for the RRC are more restrictive. One example of this is the WRC uses a 1.6 liter direct injection engine. This engine is modified for the RRC to drop the power down from 315 bhp to 275 bhp. Some of the visual differences include a smaller bumper intake, as well as a different rear spoiler so that the standards are met. One of the other significant changes is the brakes are in a tarmac configuration. The disc diameter is reduced from 355 down to 350 mm and there is no water cooling system.

The DS3 Cabrio was first seen in September of 2012 at the Paris Motor Show with sales to start in the year 2013.

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