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Chery Tiggo Review & Ratings

The Chery Tiggo was first manufactured by Chery Automobile, a Chinese manufacturer, in 2005. It is a compact crossover SUV sold in different markets all over the world. The vehicle got a facelift in 2010, and the next generation Tiggo 2 was released in three years. A few updated versions hit the market within the next several years.

Interior and Exterior

The Chery Tiggo has four doors and five seats. It comes with either with 4WD or an FWD. It is equipped with an internal 1.6-liter combustion engine. There are two transmission types: automatic (4-speed) and manual (5-speed). It comes with 139 hp and can reach the speed of up to 170 km/h. The vehicle dimensions are 4,285 mm*1,765 mm*1,705 mm.

One of most interesting Chery Tiggo facts is its similarity with the Toyota RAV4, though lots of efforts were spent to change the design of the competitor. The technical part of the vehicle was developed with the help of specialists from Mitsubishi and Lotus. The new generation comes with a range of changes in both exteriors and interior. For instance, there are new grille, optics, hood, and bumpers. Its interior features new steering wheel. The dashboard and center console also have a fresh design. The newer appearance of the car does not resemble of the Toyota Rav4 so much as the Tiggo first generation.

Technical equipment has also been updated. The length of the body was increased by 105 mm, allowing providing more space for passengers of the rear row. At the same time, the rear row of seats in the restyling version lost an important option — the mechanism by which it was possible to fold the backrest and the seat cushion, increasing or decreasing the useful volume of the luggage. The car is equipped with a petrol engine (1.6-,1.8-, or 2.0 liters).

Market Appearance

The Chery Tiggo history began in 2005 when it debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show. The main production of Chery Tiggo was concentrated in China. It was also assembled in other countries such as Uruguay, Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, and Russia. In 2006, it appeared at the Bologna Motor Show.

The Tiggo was introduced to Uruguay in 2007, thanks to a partnership between the Chinese manufacturer and Socma, the Argentine company. The car hit the market of Malaysia in the same year under the Chery Tiggo price of RM80,292.

The 2.0-liter version appeared on the Egyptian market in 2008 under the brand name Speranza. In 2010, the car survived the large restyling, and in the updated form was introduced to Ukraine in 2012.


At the Belgrade Motor Show, the Chery Tiggo won the SUV Oscar award. It is the first Chinese vehicle that received the WVTA before this model was introduced to the Italian market. It also became the first passenger vehicle produced in Chinese to receive the exemption, which is only granted to products with 100% score obtained during a quality check for 3 years in a row. The success of the Chery Tiggo in foreign markets is achieved thanks to high quality, affordability, and fuel economy.

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