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Cadillac Elmiraj Review & Ratings

Cadillac Elmiraj: A Revolutionary Concept by Cadillac

Before we go too far, it helps to keep in mind that this is a concept car. It’s important to remember that a lot of exciting car models have been shown as concepts, only to never make it to production. Until it’s actually on the assembly lines, nobody can say for sure if this car will make it into production – but a lot of people sure hope so.

First shown at an auto show in 2013, the Elmiraj is a coupe with four seats and a long wheelbase. Powering the back wheels (keeping true to the Cadillac model of rear wheel drive) is a V8 displacing 4.5 liters getting a boost from a twin turbo charging system. Pushing roughly 400 horsepower, this car isn’t going to rival its brother the CTS-V, but it will still give you enough whiplash when you press the go pedal, and will power this heavy car to high speeds quick enough to put a smile on your face.

Initial Impressions

This is a bit of a first for Cadillac. Normally, a car with such a vast wheelbase would be a four door sedan, but they stuck with a two door model (for the concept, at least – who knows what will come out when / if this hits production).

Cadillac has tried to take a fresh approach to the Elmiraj design, but has stayed true to their branded lines that are present on all of its current models from the Escalade to the CTS. There’s no mistaking this car for being one of their lineups at first glance, but it still offers a strange uniqueness that none of the other cars can offer. Perhaps it is one of the most unique looking cars they have launched since the XLR (a reboot of the Corvette platform) was released some years back.

Interior Features

Nobody who steps into an Elmiraj will mistake it for anything but a Caddy. However, this is one chance they took to place performance before luxury. From the way the bucket seats couple you, holding you in place in every sharp turn, to the titanium trim adorning the inside of the car, you’ll know exactly where you are.

Backlighting is common throughout this car, casting just the right amount of shading to light everything up perfectly in all lighting conditions. One of the places the interior shine is the back seat, with plenty of leg room thanks to the stretched out wheelbase. In fact, the best seats in the house might just be in the rear, as it provides even more room to stretch out than the people in the front. When it comes to this car, calling “shotgun” might just be a bad thing for once.

Overall Impression

This is one car that is sure to turn heads. Cadillac almost took a few cues from the old El Dorado when it comes to styling. With the long wheelbase, this car is nothing sort of a land yacht, and takes up plenty of room on the road. At the same time, it still manages to retain sleek lines, partially due to the careful attention to detail in the design and partially because of the sedan concept, which somehow keeps it looking sleek despite the size of the vehicle.

This is one car that is going to be a lot of fun on a road trip. It surely will handle a lot better than an SUV, while still providing the interior room and cargo capacity, due entirely to its overall size. With a big enough engine to power it, and retaining the aerodynamics of a car, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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