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Toyota has created self-learning automobile

Toyota Company has presented at CES 2017 in Las Vegas a new concept car called Concept-i. The car is equipped with autopilot and artificial intelligence, which studies the habits of the driver and communicates with other vehicles on the road.

Toyota Concept-i is developed by the research center CALTY Design Research in Newport Beach, California. Novelty is equipped with “a powerful artificial intelligence system that learns something new together with driver.” The exchange of information between man and machine occurs by means of the user interface “Yui”, created by “Innovation Hub” in San Francisco.

Technology interacts with the driver and adjusts to his schedule and habits. For example, the car remembers the routes, prepays the parking space and selects the colors for the interior taking into consideration owner’s mood. Concept knows how to ride independently, however, in certain circumstances offers a person to ride particular part of the road independently.

There is no traditional instrument panel in Concept-i, its role is made by informational displays and voice prompts. In addition, with the help of special panels on the outside, the vehicle can warn other road users in case of dangers – accidents, slippery pavement, and so on. When approaching the car on the doors appear welcome words, and when driving on autopilot this is also displayed outside by appropriate notifications.

Let’s remind that earlier it became known that Toyota has some plans of creation the line of electro cars. It is expected that the first model of the new line will be released in 2020 and will have the cruising range of over 300 km.