The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Special Edition: Indulgence of the Highest Order

The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Special Edition: Indulgence of the Highest Order

With all these highly practical crossovers and mini SUVs, real grease monkeys and motor heads might well find themselves longing for news on something power, unwieldy and ostentatious. If that's how you're feeling, then perhaps the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Special Edition will cheer you up.

This is an indulgent and hugely expensive car that has all the bells and whistles you could want. Really the clue is in the name; a name that manages to cram the words 'exclusive' and 'special' into one title.

The vehicle is based on the most powerful Panamera, which is the 562bhp, 4.8 liter V-8 turbo S. If that wasn't already intimidating and expensive enough for you, then the Exclusive Series Special Edition has you covered with its smorgasbord of extras.

Fair warning: get your bib ready, drooling may occur.

A Stunning Hand-Painted Exterior

The special edition is a long wheelbase version of the Panamera with wheels 20 inch in diameter (a little unusual for a car of its size). The paint job is a mix of black and brown metallic colors which – in a display of completely unnecessary indulgence – has been hand applied in order to make sure the most 'harmonious blend of color' is achieved. The wheels meanwhile slightly stand out in classic black.

TheTurbo S is very fast indeed and has a look that makes this perfectly clear. While it has an undoubtedly executive appeal with its stark coloring and clean lines, it also sports an incredibly streamlined and aerodynamic design that make it little more than a dash of black when you see it hurtling by. The long wheelbase only furthers this design and makes it look even flatter to the ground. That's not to say that this looks like a ridiculously over-hyped sports car though; instead the look is one of understated power and class.

A Cool, Classy and High Tech Interior

Inside the Panamera Exclusive Series continues to spoil. The coloring is once again brown with all surfaces covered in a very posh-sounding 'Poltrona Frau' leather that is roughly the color of chestnut. Contrasting black stitching stands out nicely, while the ventilated seats are perforated to make sure you stay cool and don't sweat all over the leather. It would be a crime to sweat in a car as expertly and lovingly crafted as this.

In the back you get access to Porsche's new 'Rear Seat Entertainment System Plus' package, which hopefully will make its way to other (more affordable) options. This system includes two 10.1-inch touchscreens that have built in DVD players, cameras (for Skype?) and internet access. Sound can be enjoyed via wireless headphones or through the Panamera's own Burmester sound system.

In short, once you and your passengers climb into this beautiful interior, you're going to be hard pushed to ever find a reason to leave…

You (Probably) Can't Have One

While this all might sound incredibly enticing, there are a few potential barriers for those looking to get their hands on one. For starters they will be priced 249,875 Euros which makes the model the most expensive Porsche for a long time (which is saying something). Furthermore, only 100 will be made, so you'd have to act pretty quickly if you wanted to get your hands on one.

Still, the model is nevertheless one you can have fun daydreaming about. And there's always the 'regular' Porsche Panamera which is certainly no slouch in the speed, looks and features department anyway.

More to the point though, sometimes it's reassuring to know that they're still making ridiculously over-the-top cars and that the world of automobiles has yet to go completely sane and sensible.