The Magnum MK5 at SEMA Looks Like the Bat-Mobile

The Magnum MK5 at SEMA Looks Like the Bat-Mobile

The Magnum MK5 was unveiled at SEMA this year and represented one hell of a showing for Canada. This is a car that has an incredibly sleek body and stunning paintjob that seems custom-made to drop jaws. It's the first car from Magnum to enter the lightweight supercar market and it's certainly one that people are going to sit up and take notice of thanks to its incredible looks.

Who Are Magnum?

For the uninitiated, Magnum is a Canadian company that was formed in the 1960s by Jean-Pierre St-Jacques and that has been building race cars since then. St-Jacques was friends with the legendary Formula One racer Gilles Villeneuve who won the championship title with a Magnum car in 1973. St-Jacques has worked with many teams around the world though including several of the top F1 teams.

The MK5 does not come from Jacques himself though, but rather his son Bruno who is also a driving veteran. The Magnum is to be the first Canadian car to hit the international track-day car market.

The Looks

What's most striking about the Magnum MK5 is its looks, which are just… wonderful.

It's shaped like an arrow with the doors curving inwards at the middle. The bonnet is incredibly pointed with the headlights at a steep angle and the whole thing is obviously very flat to the ground. It looks like it belongs in Formula One almost, but is street legal meaning that you can actually drive this thing on the road. Honestly, if you painted it black it would look like the Bat-Mobile. Literally.

It's not painted in black though. Rather it's decked out in white/light silver with a black stripe down the middle and black does. The paint job does a wonderful job of making it look even more slick and even more futuristic. It's just an incredibly exciting car to behold and any gear head is going to want to jump behind the wheels as soon as they set eyes on it.


While the looks are incredibly, you'll probably be more interested in the way it performs. And seeing as this is the work of a family known for creating the perfect racing cars, you would probably expect it to perform well.

And it does.

The MK5 features a four cylinder engine that res up to 11,000 rpm and produces 250 horsepower. That sounds like nothing much (not even a V6??) but actually it's superfast. That's written in italics to make it look faster…

The reason is that the MK5 only weights 545kg, which is really light (Arnie could almost bench press it) and that allows it to go from 0-100km in just 3.2 seconds. It's top speed is 240 km/h and it's able to generate nearly 2G of lateral acceleration – in other words it's going to be a ton of fun to drive, especially because the roof is open meaning everyone will get to see your skin folds flap backwards behind you when you take off.

This won't be a cheap car as you might imagine, as it's going to start at $139,000. But if you want something that's going to turn heads and make you feel like a superhero on the road, then you won't go wrong with this one.

Or as the press release puts it:

'Featuring impressive power-to-weight ratio of 460 bhp per tonne, remarkable handling with cornering forces of over 2Gs, second-to-none build quality, and cutting edge design, the Magnum MK5 strives on offering the ultimate excitement for all the senses, so that both driver and passenger can enjoy the true feeling of a pure and exhilarating car.'

Well done, Canada!